Koenigsegg One:1 Engine Failure? Anyone Get This?

I am pretty sure this has happened before and after I tuned it up. I did a Free play race on the Old Lemans track, 2 laps, on the second lap right near the end the Engine just suddenly fails and the speed slowly decreases to 15mph and holds steady at 6mph. Why the hell is it doing this? Must be a bug or something. Please try it yourself and see if it happens. I played with the AI on unbeatable.

If you have Damage set to Simulation you will run out of fuel on Lap 2.


Wow, that’s one thirsty car! Considering the current gas prices in Sweden (about GBP£1/litre or US$5.5/gallon), no wonder I don’t see any Koenigseggs driving around here - in spite of them being made in Sweden. Not that I assume that many of the few ones made are actually still in this country… :stuck_out_tongue:

I did two laps (manual transmission) on Old Mulsanne with no issues. My car was fine, and I even unlocked some gold.

It’s T10s crazy fuel consumption. Absolutely rubbish tbh. I’ve not driven a One:1 but I’m still willing to bet well anything on the fact it can achieve more then 16 miles flat out on a full tank

Also mr thunder fuel is far more expensive then that…
Based on your £1.00 per litre that’s £4.60 per gallon is $7 USD
And premium (here in the u.k) is around £1.20 per litre
Which is $8.30 per gallon (I never want to hear amother American complain about fuel prices again!)

Bearing in mind the Egg needs E85 to achieve its 1340hp or whatever it is. Which must be more expensive still.

Some quick man maths shows that the one:1 has a 74 litre/16 UK gallon fuel tank. Given that two laps of lemans is 16 miles that’s quite simply less than 1MPG

E85 is cheaper per gallon (at least in the United States) than 87/regular gasoline (and much cheaper than 93/premium). Of course, your mileage is also much worse.

Wow…less than 50 km to a full tank (60-70 litres??)

That’s shocking. Granted, it’s 800-odd kW at full chat. But still.

Our petrol in South Africa costs the equivalent of about 55p (UK) a litre! Haha! Burn baby burn!

On the subject of affordability however, if you are paying more than 1 million GBP for a car (without the option of finance even), fuel costs shouldn’t really be an issue no matter how thirsty it is?

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For reference a 2015-spec Formula 1 car can do 300km under 100kg of fuel.

A 2013-spec car would do 300km using 150kg.

For reference, the Egg is attempting to hit 270 mph down the back straight and the HP/ fuel consumption isn’t even in the same discussion as Formula One. It’s more like Top Fuel drags… The air is akin to a solid wall at those speeds.


I used the conversion for a US gallon (1 US gallon = 3.8 litres) in my calculation for US price, not the UK gallon (1 UK gallon = 4.5 litres).
I also used the price here for regular unleaded, 95 octane. Not sure what the top octane (98) here costs.

The price of E85 here right now is about US$5/gallon or GBP£0.89/litre.

Ah fair enough. Makes sense.

And im sure cost wouldn’t be an issue if you own the car so fuel is just pocket change.

What would definitely be an issue is constantly running out of fuel everytime the next fuel station is 30miles away!

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I’m sure driving to the local car meet uses less fuel than flying down the back straight at Old Mulsanne…


I’m not surprised the One bleeds it’s tank dry in two laps, if you’re going full tilt down the straight that car is going to inhale it’s gas tank.

For comparison the original Veyron would bleed it’s tank dry in about 20 miles if it was going full tilt the whole time.

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12 mins for the Veyron to empty it’s tank flat out. That’s a little over 4miles per minute, so at least 44 miles

My mistake, but yeah hypercars going full out tend to empty their tanks fast!

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Alright so I tried to do a little digging but couldn’t find a whole lot

According to this site, it gets around 16MPG, although does not state on which kind of fuel. I would assume on premium, as cars that run on E85 have significantly reduced fuel mileage

This article states that it can get the same MPG as a BMW 3 series driving around normally

The one:1 has a 74 litre tank, so I believe that blasting down the Mulsanne straight running on E85 would result in terrible fuel economy no doubt, but perhaps it is a little exaggerated in game? I would think that even on E85 it would get better than 0.95 MPG lol!

It’s not so crazy, a typical car cruising down the freeway needs about 15hp and gets 30-40 mpg, so if the Koenigsegg needs 100 times the hp to go top speed it isn’t so hard to believe that burns 100 times the fuel to do it.

Or maybe the 1:one refers to mpg and not hp/weight.

FWIW, the power efficiency of an ICE isn’t linear though. To develop twice the power you don’t need twice the fuel. They are actually more efficient (in terms of power/fuel rate) near the upper end f their power range. That’s why smaller engines are typically more efficient than larger engines on the road and in the EPA cycle. They can operate closer to their limits at lower speeds.

Electric motors on the other hand are much more linear, which is why high speed/drag seems to effect their range more than ICEs.

I did 1 lap on Prague the thing ate 20% of its tank.