Koenigsegg CCXR Edition 2009-2009

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Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita (2009)


The CCX was the first international car made by Koenigsegg, thanks to approval from the American authorities, and also featured its first in-house designed engine, a twin-supercharged V8. The CCXR Trevita is the ultimate evolution of this generation of Koenigsegg, developing 1018 PS. Only two were ever made, featuring a diamond weave carbon fiber body. The top speed was over 400 km/h and it might have beaten the SSC Ultimate Aero’s 412 km/h, the world record at the time, but would probably have fallen quickly, as the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport achieved 430 km/h in 2010, a year after the Trevita’s unveiling.


This superior ultimate CCXR needs to come back from FH1!



Fully agree, best and most iconic car ever made!

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I made a sheikh an offer he couldn’t refuse,

Now there’s 2 in the Western Hemisphere