Koenigsegg CC850 2022+

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Koenigsegg CC850

It’s hard to believe Koenigsegg is already old enough a company to be able to release retro designs, but looking at the CC850 and its original CC model line, the resemblance is undeniable. Unlike almost all other Koenigseggs, the outright power and performance takes the secondary role behind driver enjoyment. While the CC850 has less power than the current main model, the Jesko, it’s party piece is the simulated manual gearbox, where the driver can choose whether to use a gated 6-speed manual or Koenigsegg’s super-comlicated 9-speed autmatic.


Ha mi la marca koenigsegg en su momento cuando jugaba el forza horizon 1 nunca me llamo mucho la atencion pero en el 4 fue cuando me fue dando mas curiosidad de probar la marca y sus coches y en verdad no me arrepiento de nada buenos coches la verdad espero puedan poner este modelo retro actualizado a nuestro tiempos.Un Saludo desde Canarias chau.

Chek it out :point_down:
The new Koenigsegg CC850 gets 1,363bhp and a manual gearbox | Top Gear


The koenigsegg cc850 would be a nice addition.


It would be awesome to choose “drive modes” between the 9-speed LST and 6-speed manual using the convertible function.


and the roof too since this is a targa


That’d be something they’ll have to figure out.

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Now honestly,will be so cool the cc850 enter in forza horizon 5,but i think this car will don’t enter in series 31 (european automotive) because the CC850 Don’t have to much votes compared at other great candidates (Koenigsegg Gemera,Lamborghini Revuelto,Maserati MC20,Fiat Uno ETC…) We need more votes Until the february Forza Montly To vote to ad The first “manualized car” in the history

Koenigsegg CC850


I was correct,koenigsseg cc850 is not in updata 31.