King of the track rivals challenge - january - "something old, something new" - photo comp winners!

I will be getting involved in this,sounds like fun. Great job big time muscle

1:30.977 - lap 2 - 06 Charger - replay on storefront

1:30.485 on lap 3 in the 69 charger replay in storefront. Damon515

Congrats guys on your time.I hope i’m not going to finish last lol. I made about 60 laps and i can’t find a way to improve my time :frowning:

1:30.039 - Charger '06 - Lap #23

posted a 131;393 in 06 dodge


Johniwanna and TURN 10 have graciously just agreed to award a set of UNICORNS to those winners who beat the KING !! Let’s get some more participants joining in ;]


Woo hoo!!! Full Sets of Unicorns for anyone who beats the King, now you gotta enter!

I didn’t even realize KoTT was still going on (even though it’s run by the community instead of Turn 10 now)… I used to love running in these, so this should be fun!

EDIT: Alright, I ran a 1:30.122 on lap 4 with the '06 Charger, but I managed to run a 1:29.599 on lap 7 with the '69 Charger. The replay for the '69 Charger’s run is in my storefront.

Finally uploaded my replay.

1969 Charger
Lap 6

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I was surprised with how close these cars were in terms of pace! I liked the '69 Charger better, though. I got a 1:28.569 on lap 5 of my replay.

Onelapmagic tuned ;). Need I say more :wink:

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Glad to see you all back ran a few laps in the 69 Charger lap 3 1:31:055 also PB left a couple seconds on the track ;]

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This is great! So nice to see there is still activity on FM4 for those of us still using the old 360.

Ran both cars, here are my best times so far with each:

  • 69 Charger 1:30.993
  • 06 Charger 1:31.884

Current best time is in my storefront, gamer tag: Eric21477 “KOTT 6 Rivals” lap 4 or 5

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A slight time improvement

1:30.224 - lap 3 - 69 Charger - Repaly on storefront

and a couple of photo’s

Good Luck Everyone

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Hi all,

update: 1:30.895 on Lap 6 with the '06 Charger. Now I’ll give the “old” Car a chance :slight_smile:


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1:32.108 (lap 8) 69’ Charger. Replay in SF.

Did’nt get it by much (got a 1:32.168 on lap 3 lol) But, I have that ghost now…So I’ll try again later. That’s a fun drive

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I ran a 1:28.478 lap 3. My replay is on my storefront.

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Well darn, I ran a dirty 1:27.8. I got a mid 28 in the new Charger too, but it missed my current time by less than a tenth. I’ll have to come back to this later!

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1:31.310 in the 06 on lap 5 is the best I can get, replay in sf. This not one of my better tracks, but I’m a little better at it now because of this rival. Nice job on this one both cars handle exceptionally well, the tunes are very very good. I’m not much of a camera man but here is a couple a shots.

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