Just wondering...

So I was just wondering, what was everyone’s first X class car? I just wanted to see if there seems to be a X car that everyone tends to get first. btw my first was the aventador

Don’t have one and I don’t think I will ever get one, way too much speed even in a S2 to be bombing through the jungle. My opinion. LOL

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First X was Ultima 1020 and the Viper HE. Centen is my favorite X class

None. I hate even S2 on this game. Sorry.

No car comes from the auto show as X class, you have to upgrade cars to get there. That said, as soon as I did the Centenario bucket list challenge, I knew I needed that car. And today after 9 months of playing, I look at my tarmac speed traps and speed zone high scores… 70% of them Centenario.

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What’s good about X class? I usually leave cars just short of it, since the difference is tiny.

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