Just wanted to say thanks

I have not posted here before, not in the Drift Lounge, anyway.

I am not a fan of drifting, so my apologies.

But I have been working my way through the drift challenges. I haven’t complained, I haven’t felt “forced” to do it, I have elected to do it because I wanted to work past my own challenges. I made it through about a third of them relatively easily, a few passes and done. I don’t "drift per se, it’s more of a controlled power slide. So trying to set up a car that would handle the way I drive, but yet allow some level of drifting was tricky…I make grip builds, so you can see where this is an issue.

But I would read some of the posts here, take some of the recommendations, and slowly build my skill set. In the end, I had a set of VW Beetles done up that seemed to work well for me. Are there better cars? Of course there are, but these seemed to ride the balance of being able to break traction easily, flip from side to side, yet not spin me completely off the road. With these, I did most of the rest even allowing myself to get comfortable enough to make mock attempts at silly drift vehicles…like my drift limo.

Until the last two events. The S-Bends and Sycamore Pastures. S-Bends was my undoing. The Beetle wasn’t enough. Other cars I had used could not do it. I tried the special drift cars and got nowhere. It became very frustrating. I went online and watched a few videos. Well, let me tell you, watching experts do a thing might help some people, but it just showed me how completely hopeless I was. lol. So I gave up for awhile.

It was by accident that I was running a VW Type 2 and just happen to head through a drift zone…so I swung it left, switched it right and ended up almost making my best run. I came back here to review a few things, made some tweaks then went and put PB’s on a few tracks. So now more confident, I went back to S-Bends…took 6 runs, but I did it. That left Sycamore. The problem I was finding with Sycamore was the drift line did not seem to conform to the middle of the track, nor necessarily the insides of the turns. It seemed arbitrary where the drift line was. So I literally took it one turn at a time to find out where the scoring sweet spot was, then went back and tried to put it all together. It took some runs including one that was painfully close…but then it happened. One run that hit each point where I wanted it to, ran it North to South and hit my mark by the time I was rounding the house, the rest was bonus.

So I stand here now, a proud PR Stunt Superstar. I thank you for your tips and tricks. I thank you for just being here to show that it is something that can be done. And even though I did not directly ask for help or get assistance, I felt it was something I had to get a feel for myself. And now that it is done, I find that I can actually enjoy it now. So again, thank you.

Stay sideways, my friends. lol