Just some things to tell you Turn 10...

Hello, I am a big forza player (I own all forza from forza motorsport 4) and this morning I played again at forza motorsport 4 and to tell you the truth I had more fun riding than I did in all the other forza. I really like the last forza 7 but I can’t find a full forza 4, I have the impression that developers don’t play their game. I’m just tired of paying a 100€ game to have only suv, not enough cars in the full game (toyota, seat…) and not being able to ride in a mountain track. I hope that with the recent statements you have made you will solve this problem because I am currently tending to give up the game.



How self obsessed are some people!
Make the game how I want blah blah blah…Jeeez
If you wanna race a Toyota Aygo or Seat Ibiza go play a different game.




As I understand it, Toyota not being in the game was a decision taken out of T10’s hands by Toyota themselves.

Not heard anything specific about Seat but to be fair there’s more cars represented in FM7 than in any previous Forza & you can potentially own one of each without hitting a garage limit. So it’s certainly not lacking content in that area, even discounting all the SUV’s I don’t think you’ll find another game close to the roster available to drive. All these licences cost money, the more licensing less profit & they’re a business at the end of the day.

At £80 for the ultimate edition playing since pre-launch the value for money is pretty incredible. Considering some megadrive games cost £40+ quid what 25 years ago.

Those games you could often complete in 5 hours with limited replayability.

The T10 guys love stats, I’d imagine the number of players actually running tracks like fujimi may have factored into whether or not they got re-made. Fan favourites they may be but if they were skipped by the majority of players when they came up in rotation or had low numbers generally overall, the axe wouldn’t have been far behind.

Sometimes a little perspective is required.

Take yourself out of the equation & think about what you would do if you had to make the next game. Would you make a game to satisfy you or one to appeal to your market?


You know, despite people’s individual grievances with the game, FM7 can easily become the best one since FM4. That is, if they get to resolving all the issues eventually. Particularly those revolving around car sound and visual/animation glitches.

^^If the bugs they imagine actually are bugs and not “knowing” the wrong facts?


If you only have SUVs, you’ve somehow missed the overwhelming majority of cars in the game - of which there are more than were in Forza 4.


I thought Bernese Alps was a mountain track? Not sure what you mean by that. Fujimi was never a race track. Too narrow. No Forza Motorsport games have ever had offroad “mountain” tracks.


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Toyota decided to marry with PD, simple as that. Yes, the same PD whose fanboys complained about Porsche’s exclusivity to EA for years.

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Thing is that what we call “visual bugs or glitches” are not viewed as such at Turn10. They are most likely design choices and serve the purpose of keeping the game running within the capability of the hardware.
Problem areas are

  1. Low intensity head and tail lights.
  2. Non existent reflections on opponents cars backs and bad reflections on opponents overall.
  3. Very low quality reflection on the players hood when driving from cockpit view
  4. Stiff sometimes oddly moving cars in replays and while driving (bad visualization of body roll)
  5. Rain spray could be more (at least allow on PC the option to turn it up a bit)
  6. Turn up the contrast of the game, make the bright areas brighter and the darker ones a bit darker. In general mid day conditions not bright enough, always dimmly lit.

Fair enough, but I don’t see how numerous gearshift animation bugs – my personal pet peeve – have anything to do with performance, other than on cars whose gearlever is outside the cockpit (Bugattti 35), as the parameters of the cockpit itself written into the code may not allow for it.

That, and headlights that don’t work at all, unless I’m mistaking that issue for the “low intensity” issue you mentioned.

Ok, fair point.
I personally play only career and free play and therefore never had the headlights being off issue. I believe this is a multiplayer phenomenon when going from race to race?
But yeah, its then another issue next to the low intensity in general.

Forza motorsport 4 was definitely the series peak thus far, the only improvement I’ve seen since then is the new camera (cockpit without wheel). Everything else added is either worst than previous versions like graphic details in 5 are much higher than in this version and these awful windscreen reflections that don’t make sense but are a graphics thing that turn 10 wanted in…