Just received forzathon credits? (update)

I just got 2 msg’s.
I was gifted 300 Forzathon points in each one.
There was no explanation for either one of them.
Was this due to the ‘glitch’ in the last Forzathon?
or something else?

So, The last 2 mileage glitch’s I had in Forzathon.
I did a support ticket on each one. I had forgot about that.
(no comment on if the glitch has been fixed though)
They were taken care of today with the gifted Forzathon points.
300 for each one.
Somehow, the emails for this got put into my junk folder.
I’ve now added support.forzamotorsport.net as a favorite,
so that I’ll be able to keep better track of this.
(I used them for the McLaren P1)


Now if could just get back 100% completion of series the autumn weekly glitch (completed then showing as not completed after season change) caused one before last.

Didbyou sumbit a ticket like Rowdy did
Is it just your OCD needing it fixed since you got the rewards for it
Most people would have moved on from something that happened months ago that doesnt change the outcome of what they received

Well, I don’t know what to tell ya about that 100% deal.
It’s never been anything that I’ve thought about nor kept up with.
I don’t do any “Online” stuff.
(I don’t have Xbox live gold or what-ever it’s called)
This is just a way to unwind for me.
It’s enjoyable.

Locking this thread as the original issue has been resolved. (Please see the Original Posters edit)