"Joining the Ranks" and "Real Deal" Achievements not unlocking

Something I’ve come across this evening:

“Real Deal” requires you to win a Multiplayer race without any assists enabled.

“Joining the Ranks” requires you to finish first in a League Race.

In my last 2 races (at Long Beach and Hockenheim) I fulfilled the requirements for both of these Achievements yet they have not unlocked.

After experiencing the same thing in MGSV I had a quick look online and it seems a few people are having Achievement unlocking issues. It may end up being an Xbox Live issue and not a Forza-specific problem.

A month old thread here but instead of starting a new one … yes the " real deal " chevo is not unlocking … I have tried numerous times to get it to unlock in multi with my friend and it is not unlocking … this one should have unlocked and I am close to having one for the history books leaving only vote for a track and thru the pack left for me … anyway for whatever reason real deal has been this way for a while and a couple other badges were about a week or so late and randomly unlocked upon a start up of the game.

I unlocked the ‘Real Deal’ Achievement yesterday, it seems to be working. Make sure your assists are set to 75%.