Join the Classics Culture Club Today

From the original developers of the FHRP community, we bring you something new that we hope grows larger. Now to give you all a background, we sadly again shut down the FHRP sue to the number of people that would bother us in-game as well as development issues, we eventually moved to GTA V and have been roleplaying ever since. Recently we have thought of a new idea involving fh4, now not to get into any of that. We want to invite you to a classic car club that is solely based upon cruising around in classic cars and enjoying yourself. This is not a club where we are around and do forzathons, we simply cruise around doing the speed limit while taking over the roads with old cars. Now just to say ahead of time, we do not do cruises every day, we have lives outside of cruises and GTA V roleplay. Now if your someone who does like cruises, classic cars, as well as not having to worry about being kicked for not showing up then I highly recommend joining our club. This is not some club that you are told what to drive, or the host is barking out commands at everyone so that we can get this over with, no that is not what we do. I tend to just cruise around and listen to 1960s rock music on Spotify, that’s my relaxation. This club is for you to relax, enjoy yourself, cruise around, and maybe if you prefer to listen to classic music from whichever decade you like. Now we also usually have cruises or intervals where we allow you to change your car or if the people cruising votes, we could cruise around in a car from a specific time period, and if you really wanted to we could sign you up in our new roleplay community.

If you would like to join the Classics Culture Club please do not hesitate to text me via my Xbox Gamertag - Trooper Hike

Together classic cars will rule the road.