Jaybee3's photos

Thought I’d create a thread like the others to share my photos.
All photos are raw and unedited (for now).


Week 1 [30/09/2014 - 06/10/2014]

Week 1 Photos [30/09/2014 - 06/10/2014]

Ferrari in the poppy fields
There are even balloons in the background too

Noble in the rain
The rain droplets are absolutely gorgeous

Bowler blazing across the fields
Amazed at how much detail is captured in the background, my tracks go way off into the distance

Local Motors isn’t so local anymore
Love the lighting effects around the festival

Drenched grid
Seriously, cannot get enough of the weather in this game. Stunning.

Home sweet home
Bring her round front will you?

Truly stunning dashboard detail

Hazy Days
Pink shocker

Split focus
It is a lovely coastal town though

Night Race
I was contemplating another angle as this was a massively long drift that (for once) didn't hit the wall, but narrowly missed it

Road Trip turned race
Uphill climb surrounded by supercars in my 2003 Renault

After a paint job to look more like a boy racer, I took my Clio offroad. Satisfied with the results