Jaguar XJ-C 1975-1978 (Daimler)

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Jaguar XJ-C

This topic also includes the Daimler Sovereign Coupé and Daimler Double-Six Coupé derivatives.

This topic is for the production model, for the racing spec variant, please click here.


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  • 4.2L Inline-6
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Jaguar’s very stylish Coupe version of the XJ saloon and three reasons to include it in Forza games:

  1. the road going version to cruise in Horizon
  2. ‘John Steed’s’ wide arched Broadspeed version used in the TV series 'The New Avengers)
    Jaguar XJ12C « Broad »: un Copy Cat pour John Steed ! | Boitier Rouge | Voiture, Voiture jaguar, Jaguar
  3. the Broadspeed touring car version successfully raced in its day would be a great addition for Forza Motorsport

I agree completely! I expect they’d have to scan a stock one as well as the Broadspeed race car, but the latter could be a Forza tuning upgrade to the stock XJ12C. To turn it into Steed’s Big Cat just apply the paint - and hopefully they allow the front licence plate to remain. Also his car had stock wheels that were much wider, so doable in current Horizon.

If only one option was available I’d pick the Broadspeed racer.

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There’s now a separate vote for the Broadspeed racing XJC: Jaguar XJ-C 1975-1978 (racing spec)