JADSPORT Tuning - D400 Civic '07 tune

So here I am officially opening the doors to JADSPORT Tuning in FM6! I’ve already uploaded a few tunes which I’ll post details of at some point in the future but here is my Fwd non aero all round, non track specific tune. Tuned with ABS on, all other assists off, using a controller.

Here are some LB times to give you an idea of performance as driven by me, I’m sure the car could do better in the hands of more talented drivers than me!

Silverstone National # 122 - 78 - 36
Silverstone National # 162 - 110 - 71 (Wet)
Silverstone international # 124 - 78 - 39
Silverstone GP # 71 - 50 - 23
Road Atlanta Club # 116 - 70 - 47

LB positions listed in order of World - Europe - Body Type

All feedback welcome. Enjoy!

Hi, i’ll try for sure this tune of my EX CAR :frowning:


Thank you! I hope you like it, I’ll look forward to reading your feedback!

I have a EP3 that I still enjoy…