JADSPORT TUNING - C500 FWD - CIvic Type R 2007 + 2004 Twin pack - Top 500

Well it’s been a while but a return to FM5 was long overdue! I’ve been away for a while, over in the world of Horizon amongst other places but it’s good to be back in the motorsport world once again. I’ve also enjoyed returning with a fresh approach and ideas, basically abit of a blank canvas whilst still trying to tune cars to be quick over a single lap but most importantly consistent and easy to drive over a race distance. So with that in mind I’ve worked on a rebuild and tune of a car I’ve released before, the 2007 Civic Type R along with a tune for the 2004 Civic Type R.

Here are a few times that I’ve set during testing in Hot Laping, usually set during a 10 lap run and have all been set within the last week. I’m about to share the tunes now so please ensure you check the date created on the 2007 so you get the right tune as my previous tunes are still listed, details of the original can be found at the link at the base of this post incase your interested but obviously the current tunes are what I’m hoping you’ll try and like in particular!

'07 Civic. '04 Civic

Silverstone National - 1.03.368 #630. 1.03.208 #513
Silverstone International - 1.13.504. 1.13.308 #483
Silverstone GP - 2.23.027#565. 2.22.605 #448
Spa - 2.42.417 #772. 2.42.376 #757
Nurburgring GP - 2.19.270. 2.19.026 #762

I hope you enjoy them, all feedback is welcome, happy driving and thanks for looking!!