I've lost access to the welcome pack items

I have game pass ultimate and got fh5 as soon as it came out. With it I got all the awesome pass items (cars, house, …). But now I no longer have access to those items. I’ve up headed the card and can’t use them without purchasing them. What happened?

Sympathy but not much help here sorry. I have a similar problem.

Game Pass Ultimate, which I thought got me VIP, albeit a shared family account and not sure which it should apply to, home (this one) or guest. Not sure I got it when I started playing at launch but couldn’t find where I saw that was the deal so I didn’t submit a ticket.

Then after a couple ? weeks I saw I had all the perks that go with VIP and thought, nice, it finally dropped. And next day it was gone again and no access to cars in the garage or the rest (I’d already bought the houses before it dropped). Went looking for the deal specifics and still couldn’t find them, thought I might have imagined it, went on with life.

And then some weeks later I got the VIP swag again, only to see it locked up again the next time I started the game.

All I can say is… stupid bugs.