Ive just done the autumn team event

a great idea. interesting routes. but why on earth can i be “crowded out” by my own team. twice i got knocked off track and missed checkpoints, b my own team, and at least once i got belted at exactly the wrong time which meant i got off line and flung off behind some barriers and crowds. this race event would be fantastic but i believe it needs to be changed to non contact. at least with your own team. especially frustrating if you have team mates that cant seem to race clean. if they are faster but cant overtake cleanly, we just get the situations above. on the flip side of that, if i drop the ball and go sideways at the wrong time, why should my teammates suffer cause of my mistake.
if we were bound by a solid track wall like in motorsports it would be fine, but for these events to be at their best, i would recommend changing them to non contact.