It's unfair that there will be potentially no Xbox One release for Forza Motorsport

Given the current situation with the difficulty of buying consoles (chip shortage, scalping) it is silly that T10 will not be releasing this game on Xbox One. So many people have been unable to buy the new consoles as a result of the issues I mentioned, and this will continue for a long time, and so a lot of people will be unable to play Forza Motorsport for a long time. I think that there should, at the very least, be an Xbox One release for Forza Motorsport, but potentially make it a limited time thing.

After the complete FAILURE that was Forza Horizon 2 on the X360, I agree with not releasing the NEW Motorsport on the old consoles!

The X360 version was so stripped down on features it was only done for a money grab. Because they keep the stripped down features a secret until after the release so that it would not effect sales!!


But that was before the chip shortage.
That was before scalping was at its worst.
Barely anyone has been able to buy consoles because of this and will miss out on the new game. This is why it should be on Xbox One.

I respectfully disagree.
Outside of financial limitations, show me someone that wants a Series X|S console and hasn’t been able to acquire one, and within a week (sometimes days), I’ll show you where one is readily available without having to buy a bundle or deal with a scalper.

Maybe offer it as a cloud streamable title like Flight Sim :man_shrugging:


But Cloud requires a strong Internet connection which a lot of people don’t have.

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There’s a ton of Series S consoles available everywhere. Heck I just checked 3 different major retailer sites and there they were.
Even if your claims of nobody being able to get the console were true, ignoring the last gen in order to have a better game for this gen would work out MUCH better for the game in the long run.


The Series S has less graphical power than the Xbox One X though.

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Sure for the GPU in most aspects, but the CPU side as well as hardware raytracing support set it above the One X. The Xbox One X is also tied to the base Xbox. There is absolutely no way to release a game for it and not the Base Xbox meaning much more work. The One is also marketed as a 4K console whereas the Series S can run games at a higher level of graphical detail 1080p.

If they didn’t have strong enough internet for FM7 updates, why would they be worried about the new one :man_shrugging:

Honestly this is a bad faith argument to place a game on old hardware. If the Series S isn’t “good enough” graphically for your tastes, something isn’t adding up :thinking:

Either you want the new Motorsport, or you don’t… Series X are readily available in bundles or you can wait a bit and get one locally (many stores are stocking them in limited numbers). Find out from management when their next shipment is inbound

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Xbox One players can use xCloud to play the game. At some stage developers have to move on to create games with less technical limitations. You called it unfair, I call it progress. Would it be fair to those owning a Series X|S, if a game two years into the new generation is still holdback by Xbox One?

No. TF =/= TF. Series S GPU architecture is more modern and efficient. Doing the math the GPU are pretty similar in power and S has HW RT on top of that.

Does cloud gaming support wheels?

Apparently yes.

You have almost a whole year before this is going to be an issue. Hopefully availability issues will improve in that time. At least in this market, the Series S console have had some availability, only the Series X consoles are really difficult to find.

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This isn’t out until spring 2023, so there’s still a good bit of time for the Chip market to return to normal.

GPU prices are coming down again and the Xbox Series S has not been hard to get, at least here in the UK. I know this because I spent a year trying to get a Series X and could have settled for an S at any point during my search.

Cloud gaming is a fun idea - I’ve tried quite a few games on the Xbox cloud and they have worked quite well but I wouldn’t use it for any multiplayer or fast paced games.

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You have like 8 months to get a new console and it is much easier now. Expecting it for a 2013 console is silly.


Its unfair to us that have a series x being hold by last gen

Horizon 5 could be waaaaay better if it was focused on series/pc only


It’s like how everyone was upset that Super Mario World didn’t also release on the NES… No, wait, that’s not how it went down. Even back in the days of the cavegamer they understood that when a new system came out, if you wanted to continue to get new game releases you’d have to get a new system one way or the other. People have gotten spoiled by all this backwards compatibility and extensive periods of overlap. The wheel turns; the world moves on.


I could walk into 10 retail stores in my area and grab a Series S in all of them. Current Gen consoles are 2 years old already. The Xbox one is dead, therefore game support for it should die as well. Your last sentence made me chuckle. You want a developer to spend time and resources to support a console for a limited time?

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I’m amazed some people still can’t acquire a new XBOX or even PS5, I could walk down to the plaza local and get either right now.

There hasn’t been a shortage since last year - I got my XBOX just walking into store, musta been 30+ of each system on big pallets.

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Availability of Series X is better now in UK. Right now Microsoft, Amazon, Argos, Very and BT have stock. Ebay has them for list price or less.

As people above have said, Series S has been in stock nearly everywhere since before Xmas.

If you live elsewhere, I would expect supply in your region to improve before the end of this year, before all those new big games launch.

Perhaps you could try Cloud gaming in the meantime. It’s not perfect but is getting better all the time.

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