It's a good thing I started the download early

Oh, the heartbreak of a slow internet connection…

I started the FH5 download, premium edition, on the evening of 10/21 just shortly after receiving the news item within FH4 that said the game was available for early download. On my pathetically slow internet connection with a best-case bandwidth of 2.7Mb, it took somewhere around one hundred hours of continuous download to finish, completing some time this morning on the 26th before I sat down at the computer. Download speeds as measured by the Microsoft Store varied between one megabit and two megabits, most of the time.

Makes me wince when I think about what I’ll have to go through once again when I replace this four-year-old PC. It was maxed out at the time, back in 1997, and plays FH4 just fine, thank you very much, with an NVidia 1070, but I’m lusting after a 3080 and a faster CPU for top performance in FH5. Come onnnn, rural broadband!


When you change PC, perhaps transfer it via network or usb?
As a Dutchie with 1500 mbit, I cannot imagine how crappy it is to have slow interwebz.
Glad you could preload, have fun!!

I’m guessing that the install process deleted the downloaded files after installation was complete, so I probably can’t capture them and put them on a USB drive. Does anyone know where the download would have put them?

Check your filesystem for most recently modified. They’re likely somewhere in %APPDATA%.

Sadly, the installation files were gone - wiped out after the installation completed, just like a good install program should do. If I’d been there when the download completed but before the install finished I could probably have captured the files but it was all done by the time I got to the computer.