It gets annoying

I dont know if any of the other muscle car nuts " like me " have ran into this. But first off, to me, drag racing means 1/4 mile with US made cars from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s But for some reason it has turned into the full-mile drag with only 4WD cars 90% of the time. Granted, I use 4WD sometimes. But this is just crazy.

The only cars I see are the fallowing

2012 GTR
VW Rabbit
VW 50s model
Skyline GTR R34
Dodge Dart " with V10 and 4WD "
Bugatti SS
Bugatti Veryon
Viper " with 4WD "

and on…

I have yet to see a drag lobby with real drag racers and cars. But, I have no say in the matter.

Head over to We are starting Our season 2 of our Street Outlaws! Fun times and competitive drag racing with muscle cars!


FODRL is a great league. I know a few of the racers over there. Good bunch of people.

Also if you dont mind traveling back in time (and going back to low-tech xbox360), the F.A.P.S.D. series will start back up in July in FM4.

(Go to “The Strip” in the FM4 thread for info on FAPSD if interested)

It is strictly front engine, rwd muscle, and traditional 1/4 mile only racing.

This might not be on topic but I’m really tired of loosing to Alfa Romeo 33’s in drag racing… that car never looses it blows past everything. :confused:

Exactly, it almost makes it pointless to tune a car and race it when you already know you’re gonna loose.