Issue with ghost in Rivals

When racing a player’s ghost in rivals I am constantly blinded by it. This wouldn’t be an issue using chase cam but using hood cam it is incredibly frustrating.

Here is a great example

I don’t really want to bring up GT Sport but it has to be said. In that game once you get within close proximity it disappears so your view is not obstructed. I would like to request some consideration to players using viewpoints similarly to my own.

Right now I’m honestly better off not racing a ghost at all but that will not help me at all looking for different lines, later braking points, getting earlier on the power etc etc.

With constant live timing I could see it real time like for example in Project cars 2. Taking the ghost aside this would also be extremely useful trying to find a tenth here and there.

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What I did for the IndyCar rivals is I drove against the #1 ghost for a while, accepting I wouldn’t do a good time while doing that. But even though there was no chance of doing a good time, I could get used to what line he was taking at each point on the track. Then I set my training ghost to someone really slow to use what I’d learned to do a good time without a ghost obstructing my view.

I agree about the constant live timing. Again, GT Sport shows this relative to your own best performance for a session, and it has been a real eye opener for me just how much time you can gain or lose on a single corner. It’s such a simple thing to do that I don’t understand why FM7 doesn’t have it, same for race gaps being shown as distance rather than time.

I’m not saying GT Sport is better overall, the two games have pros and cons. In GT Sport you can’t set a leaderboard performance as a ghost to race against, and it doesn’t even have full leaderboards, only the top 10. They both seem to be too proud to implement the things the other game does better.

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I get what you’re trying to say here but it’s one thing learning 4 corners on a flat out lap to a proper circuit. As you can see by my video above its the tiniest things that make a difference once you get to my pace the smallest gains are really hard to come by.

I could sit and watch a guys replay from a leaderboard, learn absolutely perfect lines and follow them only to come short by braking a few feet to early or getting on power a tenth too late. I can not see that without data or a ghost. If I drove in chase cam it wouldn’t be an issue but I’ve drove bumper/chase came for 20+ years. Changing camera isn’t really an option for me.

Brilliant. Best thing I’ve read on this .Net for ages. Thank’s! (Going to do this with the Hawk asap.)

Just moved from a pathetic 39% up to an exiting 27%. After only 6 laps. Breeminator, you are my new God…:sunglasses:

I hope to see you beating my 39.567 soon. Keep working at it.

A few little tips for Indy rivals (if you use a controller) make tiny smooth movements in steering. You never need to go full lock. If you can hear the tyres sliding you’re turning too much and scrubbing off speed. Try your best to hug the inside curb from entry to mid corner and gently ease off the steering on exit.

I would also recommend starting off by slowly removing the cones from the inside. If you accidentally clip a few you could hit stray cones on the track slowing you down and ruining a potential personal best. Better to just take them out of the equation.

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Got me in the top 20%, a psychotic 40.087. Hit my wall. Was frantic fun.

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TOP 10% ---- 39.851---- Over the moon!!!