ISSUE RESOLVED - Thank You Microsoft

Still unable to log on to XBOX LIVE this morning. Any one else having issues with LIVE ??

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Yes I did almost all night so stayed offline. Tried about an hour ago and everything was fine.

That’s what I thought too ;[ but still unable to log on STILL this morning. ???
I’m still seeing an XBOX SERVICE ALERT on the support page

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Its been hit and miss all morning. It is up right now though.

Only on 360, been getting ddos’d for about 12 hours.

12:00 - noon EST - STILL down !! Starting to get a bit annoyed ;[
Since only Xbox360 - not top priority to repair ??

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yes down again and very annoying I hope this isn’t a ploy by Microsoft to sell more xbox one’s this Christmas since it only seems to be affecting the 360


Working here after 24 hours… congrats to the guys that won the auctions of limited edition cars for low credits :confused:

I’m back on for the moment too

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On for the moment. I wonder if its just a matter of time before it goes down again? Of course the 360 is going to get less support than the One. On the plus side at least we know T10 hasn’t pulled the plug on FM4 yet!

Wow, encouraging words. Too bad you folks complaining posted to a game forum instead of contacting Xbox Live Support via their forums.

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Sorry Snowowl, no offense was meant to T10. Just venting to a bunch of fellow Forza Fans about the situation that most of us know about. Thanks for the link as well.

Maybe they just wanted somewhere to vent and maybe you should keep sarcastic remarks such as this to yourself

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Yep,snow is right,its a MS problem,not T10…

Issue seems to be resolved. Thanks Microsoft. Sorry for the misplaced thread, Snow, but Forza the only game I play and was posting problem on here - I apologize. Please move thread to Misc. Threads. Thanks.

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The source for information when people cannot log on to Xbox Live is Xbox Support or we can all check for ourselves:

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How is it resolved the support page still shows a service alert?

Guess should have said - issue has been resolved for ME. not sure as to why service alert is still posted? Guess not all regions have been restored.

ok thanks