Issue report : Xbox Screen saver coming on during long races when using TX wheel

** Update 2015/10/16 ** - today I received confirmation from one of the awesome Turn10 staff here, that Microsoft are aware of this problem, and a fix is on the way. It’s an Xbox OS problem, not a Forza problem. **

Update 2 2015/10/22 - the latest NXOE update has fixed this issue, and wheels can now navigate the Xbox Dash.

Hi everyone,

This has happened to me now 4 times out of my last 5 50 lap oval races, both on the Indy Oval and Daytona.

Part way through the race, my screen goes almost black. I can still see the cars, but only just - it’s very very dark, almost black. It looks like the xbox screen saver is coming on. My reason for thinking it’s the screen saver, and not actually game generated, is that when i recorded a clip of this happening, the dark screen is not recorded.

Maybe 10 or 15 seconds later, it goes back to normal.

I am using a Thrustmaster TX wheel, and as the wheel does not have a headset jack, also have an Xbox One controller connected to the xbox via USB.

I have not had this issue with any other games.

Note 1 : I know this is not the black screen of death, because I can actually still just about see a video feed.
Note 2 : I frequently play 100% F1 2015 races which are 90-120 minutes (as opposed to 40 minutes for these 50 lap ovals) and this problem does not happen in that game.

Has anyone else reported anything similar?

Hopefully the info I’ve provided will help Turn 10 troubleshoot it. Despite this issue, it’s still an amazing game… thank you for all your hard work.

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I get that. In my case it happens only in Free Play races and it doesn’t take long for the screen to go dark, sometimes even on first lap. I have only played a couple of days so far, and it’s happened roughly once every other race. Jumping to xbox home (and then back to game) solves it.

edit: Logitech G920

I turned it off(the screensaver), and it solved all of my problems

Where is that? It’s the first thing I tried, but couldn’t find it.

I believe I’m having the same issue, I use a fanatec wheel and around the 10 lap mark my screen goes dim. I can get it back by pressing one of the buttons, like A, B, X, or Y, but by the time I fumble for one of those buttons and get my screen back I’ve already gone off track. It’s getting really frustrating.

It’s like the Xbox isn’t recognizing the wheel, pedal, and shifter inputs as somebody actually doing something and sends the Xbox into “inactive mode”.

I’d like to at some point do these endurance races, but the fact that my screen keeps doing this every 15 mins has really deterred me.

Is there really a way to disable this screensaver? I’ve tried searching this topic across other websites but I always got the same answer, that its an Xbox one setting that you can’t change.

I really hope it isn’t something I have to live with forever.

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Have you guys noticed,in settings,devices,the TX is not there,says nothing connected but when on controller it say controller connected,wonder if this is an issue.

Haven’t had this happen myself, but a quick question for those who have: do you have a Kinect? I’m guessing it doesn’t happen for me because my Kinect can see I’m there …

I just said this same thing in another thread where peoples wheel controls are turning into controller controls randomly, i definitely think it’s an issue with people that don’t have a kinect. I have one and I have never had any of these connection problems that a lot of people seem to be having.

I do not have a Kinect. And that would make sense, I just hope that’s not the only way for me to remedy the problem is having to buy a Kinect.

Perhaps maybe this thread should be moved to the “support” section of the forum. We might stand a better chance of finding a resolution then.

Can anyone confirm that their screen dims during multiplayer races too? I’ve only spent time in the hoppers and haven’t had any issues. But then again most if not all of those races are usually under the 15 minute mark. Maybe I’ll try to setup a private lobby tonight and test it out for a longer period of time.

Just some quick answers :

Yes, I have Kinect, and it’s turned on.

This has only ever happened to me during long oval races, both in Multiplayer, and Rivals.

I have raced long races at other tracks, and it doesn’t seem to happen. Maybe something to do with minimal input from the wheel?

…and, doh, I didn’t realize there was a support section.

I tried my TX for the first time last night and had no issues…it knew I had a wheel and I had no screensaver issues. I don’t have a connect but I have an emmitter that I put in for TV control…I’m thinking perhaps that’s what’s helping?

Sigh … so now it’s happening to me too. It started when the new XBox One “experience” was applied Friday night … definitely not caring for this experience …

I’ve noticed I only get that if I leave the game and come back again while it’s still loaded in the background.

If I exit the game completely and load afresh, I have no issue.

This problem has been resolved, so I’ve added an edit to my first post.

It’s definitely not fixed, still as annoying as always. And since this last Xbox update some of my streaming apps (twitch) now suffer from this problem as well.
10 mins of not touching the controller sends it into screensaver. I’m guessing its more of an Xbox problem then a T10 problem though. I just wish there was an option to disable the screensaver altogether.

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This problem has actually come back, since an XB update a few weeks back.

Still not fixed. I was playing 50 lap online race yesterday and it did it about halfway through.