is your world on PC even emptier after update?

i was excited to see they were working on the issues with players disappearing and hopefully the lack of traffic as well while in horizon life but the world is even more empty now. sometimes i see a single person and then they disappear, before i would at least see multiple people occasionally when it was working. and the traffic is still non-existent except for a few minutes one time i got some light traffic.

a large part of the fun with these games for me is cruising around with random people and roleplaying, overtaking and dodging traffic etc trying not to crash pretending i really do own some fancy car. but in horizon life on PC even after the update i’m still just driving around an empty world.

in an age of cyberpunk 2077 and battlefield 2042 launch disasters it seemed like forza horizon 5 was a ray of hope, the game is excellent when it works properly but they are really dropping the ball with this post-release support. people have been saying this but it really does seem like they just went on vacation (which they do deserve don’t get me wrong but we need some support staff at least when core elements of the game aren’t working) and when they actually do an update it doesn’t fix many of the issues it claims to or makes things worse.

i have faith they’ll fix this soon and i’m loving the game i have 130 hours in it i just wish horizon life was working properly a month after launch


i think most of us, feel the same way. :frowning: its sad to see the game at this state. and not having again no communication. we are back in pitch black/Radio silent from devs, or community manager .

it is about the same as before
the players stay a little bit longer before they just vanish

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Same as before the update i.e. very few online players.

I have noticed a distinct lack of any ai traffic, its like no one in Mexico has any cars.

Yup, all my lobbies are pretty much empty. Before the patch I always saw a bunch of players in the city & areas like the main festival. Now, the most people I’ve seen around is 2 or 3.
Is it a platform issue? I haven’t seen this reported much. I’m on the MS store version.

Well, I see gamertags of few other players, usually far in the horizon. Maybe everyone is waiting for the multiple issues with the game to be fixed?

But when it comes to the traffic and NPC cars, it literally feels like there are no cars in Mexico. I have a feeling the server has a limit for spawned NPC cars.
And that ALL the cars spawn where the player density is the highest.

I don’t think the platform makes much difference…I’m on Series X and the world seems empty and soulless half the time. Does seem to be random though…sometimes I’ll be seeing players and drivatars all the time, sometimes I won’t see a drivatar or player for what feels like hours

Yeah, it’s not platform specific. This game is broken across the board. If you’re on pc feeling like consoles are prioritized or have a better experience: don’t worry, we’re having it just as miserable as you.

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Still no traffic in open street racing.

Traffic is a major issue…raced with a streamer last night…he put on the Goliath and added traffic apparently…I didn’t see a single Drivatar whereas others were seeing lots of them

It is much much worse now, most of my sessions are completely devoid of other players. I used to be able to go to the main Horizon area and see maybe up to 10 people but now I am lucky to run into one other person on the entire map, may as well play solo.

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Up north in the map yesterday I came round a bend, the train was coming around it’s own bend in the opposite direction.
It blasted its horn and then promptly despawned right in front of me.
We just need a whoosh sound effect and glittery silver/blue blue portals to swallow objects up when they despawn and we could turn the game into a casual racing/sci-fi cross-over.
Add a story mode to find and stop the mad scientists.

There are usually ~5-15 players on whatever server I’m connecting to when I start the game. Today there was absolutely NO traffic ANYWHERE. Not a single NPC car whatsoever. It did happen sometimes in FH4 but in FH5 it’s happening way too often. I’ve seen other players suddenly despawn/fade out even though they were driving (not in pause mode etc.) making me think that players are randomly moved to different servers/sessions. :confused:

Yup same here

My wife and I have these exact same issues. She hasn’t even been able to complete the Pista challenge due to the fact that there aren’t enough cars spawning around, or should I say, no cars, period.
Our experience has been the same, when it comes to traffic. There seems to be a small period of time, when few cars might spawn in, but after that nothing. The cars literally de-spawn in front of you and that’s that, no traffic, anywhere.

As for the other players, again, the same thing. I can sometimes see a glimpse of even a slightly larger group of players, but when I look in that direction again in 5 seconds time, all gone.

This problem spans across free roam, Arcade and even The Eliminator to name a few, where I’ve noticed other players simply disappearing, wthether from the map, mini-map, line-of-sight or all of them. They might phase back in, but quite often phase back out immediately. I have also noticed people literally disappearing, when they enter the Arcade circle.

I too, think that FH5 is agreat game, when it works. Its a fun game taking place in a very well chosen location. It looks and sounds great and the core gameplay is fantastic, pretty much all of that is good. The technical issues however are hurting this game, and moreso after the patch, unfortuntately.

I’m with you on enduring with the game, I’d say I’m around 150 hours (maybe even more?) in, and want to play daily, if the servers work that is. I’m confident they will fix all this, but it does seem to take a bit too long for my liking.

Its impossible to complete the Ferrari pista challenge due to there being no traffic to dodge through to get the daredevil awards.

Pandemic affects people and jobs. Games are not an exeption, it’s hard to do some work while some people(friends, family and so on) are leaving this life!!! It was to be exepected really that the game will suffer.

Related to the game world, it must be also the other players that have problems and cant really play the game.

I don’t think it is emptier, it has always been quite empty, but I still rarely have AI traffic when online (in solo I do have AI traffic).

Had to switch to solo to do the last part of the weekly