Is VIP Membership Worth It?

I won’t be getting the season pass, at least at launch because I want to see what they release.

I am thinking about getting VIP. I didn’t have it in FM5 and didn’t feel like I needed the credit boost after about 40-50 hours of racing. That said, it would be nice to make it easier. If you had VIP in FM5, were the other perks such as gifts, member events and exclusive cars worth the cost in your opinion?

Yes. You get a sweet crown next to your name.


I expect no less of a sarcastic answer from you sir!


Member events were just rivals events and there was nothing special about them. You did get gifted cars from time to time and I used the VIP car pack a bunch so it was worth it to me.

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Hey now, that crown is pretty sweet, it’s definitely enhanced my Forza experience, and helps with the ladies.


I always have Vip, is it worth it? Nah not really it was when you got unicorns and the AH was running but not nowadays, that’s just my opinion.


Here is my belief:

VIP and Car Pass are both not worth the proportionate increase. 50% extra on game for about 10% more content.

I think ultimate edition owners are subsidising standard sales. Forza is such a costly game that I think they need those of us prepared to pay extra in order to deliver enough in the standard game.

But this isn’t a criticism. I am happy to do so for such a fantastic franchise.

Bottom line the game is worth it to me. I’ve lost more in a single evening on gambling slots.


I remember wishing I had VIP in FM4 for some reason. I don’t think they let you purchase it until late in the games lifespan if you didn’t get it with the special edition games. I got it in FM5 and there Is not much I can say it has been good for. We got a few cars, some liveries, a nice little crown, some credits, monthly events. It sounds like a lot, but nothing I really needed to enjoy my FM5 experience. It lacked the feeling of anything special or unique. If there is anything worthwhile at least you can buy VIP membership at any time.

That being said, I am a sucker for a good game and will be getting the LCE so the VIP thing will come with the territory. Just a little bummed out I can’t get it in a physical copy.

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In Forza Motorsport 4 you got double the storefront space and your cars were given a higher placing in the Auction House.

Now obviously both of those perks no longer apply but hopefully VIPs get a bump in the paint and tune search results or something similar.

Is it worth it? Eh, probably not. But should you get? Absolutely! You get a little crown next to your name and maybe, just maybe better wheel spins? It could be a thing. Probably not though.

Seriously though, if you’re on the fence about it and you think that credits will come fairly easy(and they should), I’d pass on it.

Its been worth it for me,just for the special vip cars they give you and it always gets you a few extra cars to start the next new game.

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All the cool kids have VIP.

You want to be one of the cool kids, don’t you?


I’m not a cool ‘kid’ , but I have VIP. The little perks here and there are worth it to me. Really in the end , it is just all in how you as an individual look at it.

Do you like having all available cars? Do you like getting a bit more on payout for rewards and races and such? Does any of that even matter? If you answer yes to the little questions about rewards and gifts and such, then yes, yes it is worth it.

If not, well, then it won’t be worth it to you. We can all tell you it is, or isn’t … to us in our own opinions… but end of the day, it is YOU who has to decide for yourself if it is, or isn’t. :slight_smile:

For the record, this is absolutely spot on.

He’s definitely not one of the cool kids.

The rest of it is pretty spot on as well.


Love ya too H. XD

its worth it to me just because I have to have all the cars. been collecting them all since forza 2, although I missed some unicorns in that game.

I’ve had a couple good chuckles from this.

I wanted the Deluxe edition to have the car pass, and the Ultimate to have VIP+car pass.
I would have bought the Deluxe then.

Vip was always a cool thing in Forza it’s extra everything: Gifts, special rival events,extra crédits in race…

Had it since it started so no reason not to again :stuck_out_tongue: