Is there really no way to start a new career?

Ive done alot of searching, but i really cannot believe there is no way to re-experience the career mode after having completed it, without having to manually delete your saved game data, saves and cache on xbox.

Is this true? I would like to try the career again after becoming a pro at the game, but i really dont wanna have to lose all my cars, accolades, credits that ive earned etc.

Surely there has got to be a way in 2022, no?


One way only, there’s no reverse gear! Second profile is the only way to experience it again without killing your current garage and progress.

There’s not really any career mode. You can run any of the stories, expeditions, or showcases whenever you want by just driving to their start location. What, exactly, are you looking to start again?


the intro for sure, where they were dropping me out of planes and stuff. i also remember racing beside jet skis and monster trucks etc. that i wanna try again.

are you saying i can do all those, with their cinematic cutscenes, just by starting them again on the world map?

Everything except for the intro, yes.


oh thats cool. i guess without that artsy career map where i was picking those showcase races that were easier to spot, i didnt think about that. i know there are filters on the world map, but it can look crazy as heck with everything visible

just create a 2nd profile “gamertag” to start from scratch. there may be an issue with vip content though.