Is there an easy way to identify cars with "Storm" tunes?

I’ve been playing Storm Island for the last few days and enjoying it plenty. Needless to say I now have a nice chunk of cars tuned with the Storm Island rally parts. No issues so far as I’m working through each class to complete all of the championships but I do see a clear issue on the horizon when I’m done with that…

How do I quickly identify if a car is tuned with the SI rally parts or if it’s a regular set up?

I have about 120 cars right now and am still steadily working towards maxing it out so there’s no chance I can remember them (other than a handful of favourites) and I don’t see any easy way to pick them out quickly. The same is true when browsing the store for tunes. I’m currently relying on people putting “Storm” in their description but that’s hardly foolproof.

I’m not a “must have best car” racer, I like to just grab whatever car takes my fancy for each race but I’d like to make sure it’s at least appropriate.

My preference would be a little “SI” badge in the corner of garage cars or storefront tunes that are using “SI” parts but in the absence of that had anyone discovered an easy way to identify them?

On a similar note the ability to change cars from the “Cars” menu seems like an odd omission as well. You can view your cars, buy new ones, tune your current one or even upgrade it (using Setup Manager) but you have to head all the way back to a hub or car meet to change car. It’s a tad inconvenient sometimes.

I agree. A second garage would be nice

Short solution, come up with a decal and place it on your tuned cars hood, or somewhere on the left side, where you can see it when selecting cars.

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If you go into manufacturer decals and go far right there is one for Storm Island.

All my Storm Island cars just have that on both sides.

Also if you use the higher settings with the rally springs then the car sits a little higher in the garage photo.

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