Is there a way to save the last car you were in during Multiplayer?

Kind of tired of having to find my recent car of choice (Lexus LFA) which is 50+ cars down my list. I use filters for S class to get the Lexas faster, but still… Why not just save the last car you raced with in multiplayer as the first car of choice when you start multiplayer again?


There is no way to save your last car.

Your best bet is to request the feature you want in the features wishlist thread.

You could Mickey Mouse something like build an S class car from a manufacturer that begins with the letter A to where it hangs out next to your Lexus when sorted by PI then scroll over a couple places to it since it defaults an manufacturer alphabetical sort and sort by class. Minor weight changes with wheels, flywheels and drive shafts should move the car around in the PI sort even though it still has the same PI#. I guess it’d be a car that’s nothing but a bookmark.

Thanks for the suggestions.

go to career …cars…my cars… scroll to the car you want…if you have changed tunes load the tune you want…then press B back to the main menu then down to multiplayer. it leaves you in the car you are already in or makes it the 1st choice. its alot easier than racing that timer when you own every car.

and i think the car you are in by default is the last car you used in career so make sure to go to career before turning off the xbox. you should be in the same car when you start it back up.

AYE, good one. This is how I roll also.

TY for info rdo3

you’re welcome.