Is there a tune where the Veyron actually turns?

I’ve tried several tunes. If the turn is sharp like 90 degrees or tighter the Veyron struggles to do it even at 37 mph. Or is there a secret to getting it to turn?

I’ll post a tune for you. Give it a try if you are interested.

word thanks. I hadn’t realize I had dl’ed an AWD tune. Egads but the understeer. I’m doing better now but I’m sure this car can do more. No assists.

Oops! Mine was an AWD too! Oh well, give it a try anyway. The understeer is pretty minimal.

Veyrons weren’t made to turn

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Couldn’t agree more. You can only do so much to fight inertia.

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Its S Class but try this…
2011 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport [RWD]

thank you all. I’ll give them a shot.

Do the drag tires require TCS to be on? I’m having trouble keeping it from sliding.

All my tunes are for NO ASSISTS…

ONR ROADRUNNER’ tune is fine without tcs. I have drove it a few times and like most high powered cars you just have to have a light foot and be precise on the turns. The Veyron is a handful but his car is a pretty good one! Nice tune good sir

I believe the tune is above my skill level. I cannot control it.