Is the forza Finale repeatable?

Interested whether the finale is repeatable or not. Furthermore, if it is, how much money do you get for completing it. Thanks.

It is - you need to do the qualifying race before hand from memory though. Also doesn’t pay much when repeated - the street races (Cell Tower set is best) and online are the best payouts.

Online gives great payouts when you have access to the lottery spins, the end of Level 50 on Yellow.

Although, if you ever have the chance to get to Gold 50, wheelspins are back every 161,000 Xp and the prizes are then great. Remember you can always sell the expensive cars you won if you don’t want them or have them already.

If you remember, the Finale took two steps: the five-lap race that will give you access to the race around the map with Darius Flynt. You can also do the race on Rivals, but there is no opponents if you forget the real people. You will get 40,000 Credits - while, in the same period, you could easily earn 300,000 Credits on Street Races that Al organises. Sure, it depends on the bonuses you get at the end of each, but if you have no assists, breaking lane only, and AI on medium difficulty, you should get 100,000 Credits in five minutes (everything included).