Is Online Championship Scoring Gone?

its obvious why they did it. people play this game way to much which in turn stops them from buying other games. so they ruined it on purpose. hopefully it bites them in the ass when nobody buys there next installments. i sure wont be buying them

I am really disappointed with the new format of the online championship. The most notorious and strongest feature of a car race is to cross the line in the first position … In FH3 it was already possible to win a championship without winning any race. However, it was necessary to maintain a high degree of skill in the races to be able to score the necessary to be the champion. Okay, it was a way to privilege the pilot’s ability in a broader sense. Understandable.

But now the skills have been totally excluded from the list and in addition, crossing the line in the first place has lost even more value because my team (randomly assembled) can be very weak, with no skills, no criteria to choose the best vehicle for each type of track.

Worst of all is the game does not offer the player the right to choose: play a championship of the traditional type, all against all. Or a championship divided into two teams. Or even the format used in FH3 …

It sucks not to have options … Although the game presents a spectacular visual, excellent gameplay, with great innovations like the shared world and the weekly changes of the seasons.

I hope this gets fixed in some update soon. Also because there is a huge delay to be able to connect in a server to compete in the classified championships…

You can play online solo championships by selecting PVP from the seasonal events. Doing this initiates matchmaking once the timer of current race ends, and you start a new one. It’s the traditional scoring method and the person who gets highest finishing position gets the most points. So it is still there but not as much for now.

For those who have nothing, half is double, as we say here in Brazil … ehehe
Thanks for the tip!

Problem with that is it rarely works and you physically have to drive to those event locations (or any race location that has PVP). After a week of driving all over the map to different event and race locations, all it would ever do was make me sit there forever as it tried to build a match. After waiting all that time, it either couldn’t find enough players who wanted to participate, or couldn’t allocate a server. All the time I wasted on that, not once did it build a race I could participate in. And as a result, I can only assume you’re right when you say online championships still exist.

Regardless, the point I and others were trying to make, were the problems created when TT removed online championships (which include individual standings based on skill-based scoring and clean racing) form the quick access of what used to be Online Adventures—now called Quickplay Adventure. You shouldn’t have to drive to different locations where you’re forced to wait for a series that is most likely not going to happen. Nor does it make sense to limit online championships to a specific location. So even if it worked, it wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

If I went to FH3 right now, all I’d have to do is click on Online Adventure from any location on the map, and in less than a minute it would connect me to an online championship with individual standings, all fully populated with up to 12 other players.

That ability has been completely removed from FH4. Which ruins the game for some.

THey destroyed it. They had such a cool unique system different from any other game that was beloved by thousands years after it came out… why mess with it? Alright tweak it a little sure. But to totally do away and go with boring regular races? Not only that but team races? Nobody and I mean almost nobody wants to team anything ina racing game. Even if you came in points first in the last game it still tracked who came in first more than who won on points. It was near perfect.
I didn’t play Forza 3 but unless we hear from the developers soon I’ll pick it up and NEVER pick up another Horizon game again unless this is addressed. Day after day there’s thread after thread how absurd this system is.

They really need to abandon XP championships, in a racing game your finishing position should 100% be your goal, maybe they should look at deducting points for heavy collisions to encorage clean racing.

The skill-Based XP scoring is intended to do exactly that. Instead of deducting points for unnecessarily aggressive, game-ruining, demolition-derby-like driving, it awards points for focusing on the skills that make racing racing. And if you’re focused on that, and you know the majority of others are focused on that, you’re less likely to think that crashing other drivers is a viable option for winning.

This philosophy is nothing new in the world of racing, where overall points can be used to determine league standings, and not just how many times you took first place. None of which is to say that it’s not awesome to win 1st place in an individual race. It’s hard to beat the excitement of crossing the finish line first. However, it’s equally exciting to come from behind in a series to win championship because you drove with more overall skill than you’re competitors.

In any event, what you suggest washes out the same as skilled-based scoring. Instead of having points deducted for racing like a jerk, you’re rewarded for driving clean and with skill. If you’re intentionally crashing other drivers, you’re not earning enough skill-based XP to win a championship. Plus you’re ruining the fun for everyone else.

Which is why I said early on that instead of dropping online championships completely, why not have both formats. That way if you think that earning skill-Based XP is unfair in scoring, you can opt for the team-based, free-for-all format. Personally I find the former more challenging and fulfilling. The traditional online championship are just more fun for me.