Is it possible to save the gear shift pattern for each vehicle in a future update?

The gaming experience of this generation is really great! But every time the vehicle needs to be replaced due to race issues is a very troublesome thing. When I am roaming, I want my car to be automatic. (I want to put more energy on enjoying the scenery). After entering the race, I hope that the vehicle I choose can automatically switch to my saved gear mode (such as manual gear), instead of needing to modify it myself in the settings.

As for how to show what gear mode I am driving, it can be marked as AT or MT on the dashboard.

I know that changing the gear mode will cause the function of the handle buttons to change. Can this be solved?

I translated my question through translation software, so there may be errors in expression. But all I want to express is as my title says.

I wonder if posting a post here can be seen by the official staff?