Is it just me or does the cars handle a lot worse during races?

So i recently tuned up my Ferrari FXX and took it for a test drive on free roam. Car handles amazing. Corner speeds are high, breaking is perfect. Yet whenever i enter a race with the FXX, it suddenly feels like im driving a brick. Can’t even take corners without oversteering even at 80 kmh. I took the same route on free roam and im 95% sure that car performance drops significantly during race events. Is this a feature? Does the game decreases your car performance as you increase the difficulty? Anyone else experiencing the same thing?


It is you.

LOL, I agree. There’s no difference in handling if you’re racing. You’re just pushing it harder.

Not the car I would use for racing. If it’s S2 class then the Senna or Koenigsegg CCGT are better handling cars.

The FXX is a mighty car for S2 racing but generally performs much better in dry conditions and it’s strength is on sprints. It’s also a very strong car in Auto if the OP uses that. I used to use it a lot for ranked. The CCGT is in a class of its own but the FXX is probably in the next tier, with the F50GT, MC12 FE and similar cars. The Senna is quite a lot weaker in my view, though easy to drive.

As for the original query, I’ve never noticed a difference in performance between offline Freeroam and races. There can appear to be a difference online - probably caused by slight lag I imagine.

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Cars perform differently in live events, but not solo.

ive seen this and sometimes my settings have changed (not sure how) but for instance STC or ABS have changed and turned off which then makes the car handle differently. Worth checking they have not changed when you are online. But ive moaned about this in the past racing with mates, feels like the car is worse than when in freeraom for sure, but as someone said i think you are pushing harder and taking differnt lines to overtake, keep up, avoid collisions etc…

My car turns into a tree magnet online


My car turns into a tree magnet online


I have noticed this too, in online races. As a seasoned tuner I am shure of it. Like changing from race-tire to street-tires.
Enough to make me miscalculate and go off the road if I`m not awake.


This is sure thing but nobody cared. We discussed it sometimes but no results. In a race something is different but it’s hard to say what exactly it is. I would like know more but not many people care about how the game works.

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Physics are calculated by only and only your client. There is absolutely no difference between online or singleplayer.

Take of your tinfoil hats.

There is absolutely no difference between online or singleplayer??? What do you mean?


It’s the limits of a computer, and the internet. Solo is Ok.

Nope, this has nothing to do with either of these. This is “built in” in seasonal races, some moore some less.

Any who has ever done game-physics will know what this is

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Here you say you notice it in online races.

Here I say it is the limits of a computer, and the internet.

Here you disagree that it is to do with the internet, but do agree that it is to do with online races.

So if you agree with it being to do with online races, how do you not agree that it is to do with the limits of computers, and the internet? Basically you are saying that the programmers changes the physics for no reason at all. I can’t make sense of your comments.

I think it’s for every race but I worked on it more than year ago so I am not sure. One good idea was tire temp but the difference was too low to make that huge difference. Cruising was completely different from a race.

I am confused now too :smiley: Maybe it were online races only. Online has different physics or what?

Physics feel the same but while racing online input lag or lag of other drivers can easily distract from the accustomed feeling and car feedback.
When in front in a lag-free lobby I can put in the same lap times as in offline races while receiving identical feedback. If there were different physics working online I’m sure a lot of players would’ve noticed already.
Laggy lobbies with input lag or this “sloooooow-mo than fasssstforward” thingy are something else. I’m constantly missing braking points or turn-in because the response time is longer than I’m used to.