Is it actually possible to win an 812 in the auction?

So I am spamming the search in 20 minute bursts and while I have seen about a dozen 812’s show up I have never been quick enough to grab one, so what I want to know is am I wasting my time…are there 3rd party sniping programs that will always beat me?

Or can i actually win one the old fashioned way?

I have won several in the AH but that was before they changed the search settings, so I’m not sure if that’s made it harder.

Assume you are using the quick buyout option by the way? There’s no chance of winning it any other way.

yup, I just wanted to check if it was just bad luck or bad timing…I will keep going

I’ve won one, it’s just hard.

You can still win. Others are doing exactly what you’re doing so it’s just the luck of the draw. Forget myths about it being impossible to beat ‘bots’ etc.

Completing the star card about businesses and horizon stories will give you one. It’s entirely single player, albeit time consuming. If you play the single player side a lot you might have most of it done already.

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I know this, you do realise its not easy to 3 star EVERY challenge? Not everyone can do that

I understand your point. A lot of the earlier stories are more challenging than the later ones. I often had to find an alternative route to the one set before me to complete them within a three star time frame. It is doable, but difficult. If you are trying to get one from the auction house why not try to three star the challenges in between? If you don’t get it one way you are bound to get it another way.

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If someone is really struggling with one, try searching on YouTube for an example of how to do it, then copy it.


You don’t need to three star all events now though. I haven’t done Drift 2.0 at all but I’ve completed that Star Card. It’s not easy but you can 2* some events (if you have the expansions) and complete it. If you only have the base game, I think it probably is very close to needing to 3* everything.

The stories were OK, not the hardest challenge once you figure them out… apart from in the rain, and snow. You need a nice, sunny day for a lot of them.

Stories are easy, the problem is accumulating enough revenue from businesses. That takes a very long time.

At 48K/day (roughly), it’s about 42 days. That’s not so bad.