Is Free Play mode still going to be worthless?

Is Free Play mode still going to be worthless like it was in Forza 5?

Forza 5 free play you always started in the front of the pack and you couldn’t declare what cars the AI could use except by class. Just worthless. Free play is the only way you can setup a real face that isn’t 2 laps long…

Actually, a private multiplayer lobby in Forza Motorsport 5 allows the user to create a race event with many different options, including Drivatar participation and to set the field ordering to ‘random.’ Albeit, this is a bit shady because it does require the user to have Xbox Live Gold just to have the ability to do what should be possible in offline modes. Additionally, as someone who hosted hundreds of private lobby racing events, I know that filling in the rest of the field with Drivatars was not an easy task because the system didn’t interpret race regulations well, at all. For example, if I wanted to make an A-class event with a few Drivatars mixed in, the Drivatars would select A-class cars at their default, unaltered PI spec. Change the race regulations to new parameters and most of the Drivatars would become stuck in a perpetual “selecting car” moment and never be prepared to race.

So … yes, a free play version of the multiplayer system (with improvements) would be welcomed; but, no, free play was not the only way to construct a longer event in Forza Motorsport 5.

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Damn I hope that the Free play is like the private multiplayer lobby. I liked the private lobby system, thought it was quite detailed apart from the point about the “selecting car” problem you made. Although 60% (give or take) of my racing is in free play, I think it still needs drastic improvements. Just more options would be nice. Hopefully they will implement this in.

My hope is that they bring back the amount of customization that was in FM4. I found it annoying when creating private multiplayer games when I’d set PI limits and end up with a field of nearly all the same cars or here’s a nice mix of german automobiles with a Forumla E car tossed in