Is Forza 6 for me?

Greetings to the esteemed tuners of Forza Motorsports,

I know this thread seems to be misplaced but I seek insight not from racers, but from the tuning community because tuners generally have their finger on the pulse of what the cars are truly capable of doing. I’m an old dog Forza racer and tuner, very active in FM1 and FM2 but lost the passion for the franchise when FM3 and FM4 continued the PI system’s bias toward Min/Max car builds. I always thought the FM franchise was great except for that one aspect, pure speed or pure handling cars dominating the leaderboards and race lobbies. So before I spend hard earned cash and untold hours of limited free time on this latest installment, I’d like to know if there is any semblance of balance in the classes, or is it more of the same high power-no traction missiles for longer tracks and low power-max traction go-carts for the smaller tracks? Would be wonderful if T10 was finally able to create a system where purposely built and balanced cars across each class were competitive with each other and made the Min/Max builds obsolete.

So, is this game for me?

To be honest mate from what I’ve seen playing the game you can make anything competitive… Seems to come down to tuning and actual skill as aposed to power vs grip.

its a great game but you really have to build and set the car up properly to be competitive but I’ve seen well built Supras and focuses keep up with the big boys in the next class, have also seen people in stock Touring cars run with drivers in class leading cars… It just comes down to how much time your planning on putting into being competitive.

By the way some of the guys here aren’t just quick… They’re finding time in places that you couldn’t dream of.

Its the same as fm4 and 5

Missile cars and grip cars. Nothing changed

But the game is lot more fun than fm5

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It’s still way early in the game but the LB’s have some variety. At least in A-C classes which is where I spend 99.9% of my time. I did spend a little time with the new GT in S class only because the Ford GT has always been one of my favorites. That and the Pantera which didn’t make it to the dance. I’m hoping it’s on the list in an upcoming DLC I’ll buy that car pack even if the rest of the cars are Yugos and Pacers.

I agree that it is still too early in the game, but i m pretty sure that in a month or so we ll probably see the same kind of build that dominates certain tracks. The extra grip added to the game compared to fm5 will certainly help in building speed car.

But in addition to this (being overlooked by most) is the are divisions (car body styles) that in career can only be built to the following:

This gives me hope for some lobbies with tuning but equal cars to a degree. GT cars that are not R900. Modern mustangs/ camaros that are A660 not being dominated by M1 or xbow.

I have hope other wise the above would be useless also the reason why I think they got away from car body styles so the D CLASS muscle cars wouldn’t be maxed out to A CLASS and ruin a purist view of muscle car race.

Just my two cents - looking to the future.

I wish more top tuners would tune up to the Divisions above. It be helpful for career and I believe we will see hoppers with the divisions as well (I hope), also hope for Free Play, to get division drop down (also a hope) but there is some logic to those leaps of faith.