Is FM7 worth returning to single-player wise?

So I haven’t touched FM7 since FH4 came out. I’m not interested in online stuff and I 100% completed the career mode a long time ago. Has any extra single-player content been added to the game since I left or has all the new gameplay stuff added been multiplayer-based?

You can pick up all the previously locked cars now, including FE cars, but other than that, no. Just new cars.

And a weird graphics glitch since the last update that they still haven’t fixed.

Until the Slackers decide to let us have a “new game plus” by resetting the career mode, the only thing that you can do single player wise is free play and set up your own races. But trust me, I spent a week or two doing that after months away and it is boring as hell with no connectivity to a racing experience. It’s just stand alone races, one at a time.

I’m not sure if they think they’re protecting the series by not allowing us to reset the career so that we’re sort of forced into buying the next game as single players; not like I wouldn’t pre-order anything named Forza. I also stay off the online crash festival no matter how much they try to fiddle with it; it’s still a garbage bucket. I actually went back to Forza 5 to finish up some career stuff I hadn’t done even though that has a pretty thin and non-connected career mode. It’s better than just running free play single races in Forza 7.

You can reset the career normally by erasing saves from all places on Xbox One or reset to default disconnected on Windows (on Windows they have to fix this, it doesnt have a option to remove the save from the cloud like on Xbox, just to overwrite) and start the game once. Connect to the internet later, it will show a option to choose between the progress from the cloud or the game save recently created and choose the new save.

One that definitely doesnt have any way to reset is The Crew for example, the progress is entirely online.

Unfortunately no. After 100% career completion there is nothing worthwhile single player wise. Baffles me that there hasn’t been an expansion in nearly 2 years. FM6 at least gave us the NASCAR and Porsche expansions.