Is 65 the max limit of wheelspins you can save?

Is 65 wheelspins remaining the max you can have? I was at 62 remaining i get car collector level 14 and thought i would get about 6 more spins. instead it goes to 65 remaining I know it has given me 5 for sure even 6 i think. I just been testing if there is a limit. If that’s the case i need to use a few.

Nope! Lots more than that.

After finishing 50 Laps of Goliath I had 120 something sound soooo.

Nah … people have had hundreds and hundreds.

ok so i did get just 4 spins for car collector 14. How does running goliath laps get you wheel spins and how do you unlock it? A certain road racing level perhaps? level 9 cross country for Titan. ah ha so FH4 has a Goliath run.

I googled and found out level 20 wow ok when does holyrood park circut unlock?