[INVESTIGATING] Tracks not loading after first race...

Hey Guys,

Spent the first few days just making liverys.
Now when i go to race after the first track, it continues to say loading and nothing happens. Graphics on my cars disappear at the track and the track itself occasionally disappears completely.
I cannot progress past the first single player section. The micro transaction screen works perfectly.

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My game just started Doing this . After I press start race it just stays on loading and I’m stuck on the screen because you can’t go back to main menu until the race is done loading . Very frustrating seems like this started happening right after I installed patch .

I’ve never had so many problems with a game before in my life

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Same here Xbox One S 2TB

Game is working ok with the campaign done about 18 races today after the patch VIP is working correctly, then I tried freeplay and the Tracks just wont load at all tried several different tracks with different lap ammounts and time periods.

problem started today at 18:30 on the 28/10/2017 AU EST

Have done a restart
have done a hard restart with power off for 30min
have deleted save file from local storage and synced
Have moved game from external to Internal drive

Nothing worked so have now unistalled the game and will reinstall and report back in 16 hours or so

Reinstalled game No joy Freeplay still not working have up loaded and shared three 5 min game captures to my Game Activity Of the problem.

You have My permission to to check any file associated with My Game Tag Alan J T and any FM7 game Files

Thanks Alan J T

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Glad to hear its not just me. I’ve owned every Forza title and this is the first time I’ve experienced this. Master Chief collection fiasco was far worse, but this is ridiculous.

Came across another post about freeplay not working and he thinks it may be a corrupt save file on the cloud hope not as I have been playing hard and have over 640+ indivual cars now Driver level 277 and collector Tier 40

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Hopefully not, I spent a lot of time making decals and liverys. I’m hoping the new xbox and the game installed internally, will rectify the problem.

Not having a lot of luck finding a way to fix this think the tech staff will defently have to see if our Cloud saves are nackered after the update, game is saving fine though all races done in Campaign and credits made are all ways as I left the game just wont load a track in Freeplay so I make a heap of credits and XP

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Bump, bump, rattel, screech, BOO

Back again have installed Forza 7to internal drive and Freeplay is still not loading any tracks. I have done three, 5 min Captures that are up loading one is showing that Campaign is working and loading the Track, 2 are of Freeplay showing the Track not loading and also show what happens if you go to change car game just locks up. This has only happened since the VIP patch I do not know what alse I can do to get it working as options are limited on the Xbox, I have many hours loged in freeplay doing different races and have never had it not work till yesterday after patch.

I have 6 races left and then Campaign is complet with out freeplay game is going to be come chore I was hopeing once I had finished the Campaign to use freeplay for all racing till new content arrived in the form of add ons expansions if any are in the works. Now :frowning: Hopeing there is a quick and easy fix for this.

If needed I can link the 3 Videos will be shareing to my feed so will be easy to find if you search my Game Tag.

Alan J T

I’ve only noticed my black Nissan Fe car have an issue. I painted orange and put decals on it, a few days ago I started campaign and it was previously used vehicle, it shows as a glossy primer grey, no decals. Go to select car, it’s still grey in garage, but the smaller version on the left side is correct.

Select a different car, the select Nissan and it appears correct again.

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What you on about Willis😄 or you may have the wrong post unlees you can not use freeplay as well

that comment made me feel old​:older_man: :older_man:

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I’ve encountered similar problems, especially on the loading screens. The ‘skins’ won’t load, leaving a grey model visible.

When it does work… Beautiful!

My game is on my external hard drive also (for the XBOX X swap over).
I was thinking latency issue, but i’ll wait and see with the new xbox next week.
I do have a day one xbox edition and its travelled to three different continents, getting a little beat up mayhaps?
Install back to the internal hard drive and see what happens. Worried about my saves and my liverys etc.

Game looks so good and the new speedline wheels are mint, just want to play!

Hey everyone,

Im sending this over to the devs and I will pull your save Alan so they can look into it.

Ill let you guys know when I have more information.



Hey there Nitro you wonderful beautiful person some good news for you the New patch released 04/11/2017 fixed freeplay it is now doing what it should​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::grin: Just wanted to keep you informed give the teck team a hug and big high 5. Hugs for you to​:kissing_heart:

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Thanks Nitro and if you need more info or something PM or Xbox Message as XBox is on ever day.:kissing_heart: Fingers crossed for an easy fix​:ok_hand::smiley_cat:

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Hey Bud,
Thanks for the response, appreciated.

So a 4gb update (which costs me money in Australia!!!)
Now the game won’t even load tracks. At least I could race 1 before.

[Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]
This is disconcerting the way games are being rushed for release dates, broken, enough with microtransactions, VIP passes.
We paid for the game give us a complete experience. Not all of us are made of money. Sick and tired of these money grabbing implementations.
(You don’t have to buy them you say? No I don’t because I already paid for a full price game.
Especially when the game is released broken, i bought a console for plug and play online AND OFFLINE. Cars behind locks to keep people playing, it’s insidious.
Forza is no longer a day one purchase. Or even a purchase for that matter. Very disappointed.

Well this sux I got lucky and game is working in freeplay again as of today have done over 100 laps got my MP achevements for racing im freeplay for some weird reason as I dont touch MP most times have donle like 5 laps in MP. since game came out so something is wonky in game as well as some of my tunes causing the game to crash but at least it is almost working again.

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Yes, this is inexcusable. The way gaming is heading is ominous.
Poor form Turn 10.
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