[INVESTIGATING] Please we need to talk about this!!!

Hi Everyone,

nobody is Adressing this i’ve searched Google for Hours but couldnt find any Help or Fix. BTW im talking about the Blue Screen issue that keeps ocurring. I got this Game Several Months ago and Multiple Patches were Released in that time, but not one of them fixed this (BSOD) Problem. I’ve managed to find a temporary “FIX” for my self but seriously what the actual hell is causing this? Its not my Hardware, or my Drivers NO!! it is the Game. We need to get this to Microsoft or Turn 10 because its a Major Problem.


I dont and never had the issue on my pc or xbone

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Could you please explain a little bit more about your issue. Is the blue screen happening once you start the game or when you turn your PC on?

Trying to pin point the exact time when this is happening for you.

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Please download the free program called ‘bluescreenview’ It logs all bluescreens and you can see what caused the BSOD after a crash, very helpful!

The BSOD is happening like 10 - 20 mins into the game, but when i change my Graphic options to a preset and change them back to my Settings the BSOD error is fixed somehow

My Crashdump is currently empty but everytime i had these BSOD’s it was caused by dxgmms2.sys and watchdog.sys.

With crashes including the dxgmm2.sys file it is because more than 1 program tries to use that file at a time, which causes a crash, I have had this exact issue myself and what I did to fix it is what most people say to do, uninstall video card drivers completely with a DDU Uninstaller program (as programs ie Geforce Experience wont uninstall all files), then install new drivers with a clean install and then it should work for you, it certainly did for me. I have only had one time the game froze when I was against a wall and the Scotsman hit me.

I already reinstalled my Drivers using DDU, but the Problem is still Present and btw its only this game.