[INVESTIGATING] not recieving santa suit

ive done the challenge twice now and still no santa suit unlocked as it said challenge completed any help would be nice

GT is supersho89

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ABSOLUTELY! Our team just laid it down and won 3-0 and the suit didn’t unlock!

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But, did you win? Not just you, but did your team win against the drivatar team? Did your team win 2 out of the 3 races?

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Have you done it with drivatar set to unbeatable?
I have done it and win the trial, but no santa suit… :frowning:

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I won the trial 2/3 times but no santa suit and the trial don’t show as completed. I won with drivatar set to unbeatable… but personally I never finish a single race first, max at second place. Maybe is this the “problem”?

Myabe we have to finish one single race first? But this can happen even if I lost the entire championship… so, I’m really confusing now…

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I did not get the suit also. Won twice, lost twice. Those times we lost we didn’t lost the races if you look at those points, we got 1000 points more than team drivatar and game still gave the win for them. Did it 4 times in total. L/L/W/W none of the times we had 6 players in the end.

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We won the champion at unbeatable and with all the 6 players in the end…no santa suit

GT: DarkFlashS313
(the same as my forum username)

We are currently aware of the issue and that some players are unable to receive the suit. We are looking into this.

If you can, please edit your Gamertag onto your post or state if it’s the same as your forum username


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Thank you for noticing. I got same GT as in game.

I have the same issue (again*).
Our team won the season-coop-event against unbeatable AI and no rewards, no suit.

  • I also won the season-coop-events in the past and never got any rewards for completing it. Still missing the green-man-suit and the other stuff.

Gamertag is “Rentnarr”.

Same issue here. Set to unbeatable and my team won 2/3. No suit. GT: yerfdog65

I also didnt get the suit. Won 3 races and the championship, It showed “Holidays are Coming” Completed but never gave me the suit.

Gamertag: ThunderSnow68

My “real people” team won all 3 races and I finished 1st each time. Received the suit with no problem! Maybe you guys aren’t doing something right…

I’ve done the challenge 5 times so far, even had achievements for it and the worse result has been 2 out of 3 won by my team.

Still no Santa suit.

GT: ClownPrinceUK

Have you checked that everyone on your team has their drivatar difficulty set to unbeatable before starting

Also not receiving the outfit after two attempts and succeeding in both. Please fix this and let me know.
Gamer tags;AJFFMC72 and ShakierEagle6

Yes did you go to other players settings and check it manually? Also you should go and check their network settings and check that they have correct card number to payment settings.

Gamer tag; AJFFMC72 and ShakierEagle6

Same problem with Santa suit.
Completed and won it twice

Same issue
Gamer tag; AJFFMC72 and ShakierEagle6

Same thing happened to me. Just won 3-0 and no Santa suit unlocked.

My GT is Fatman4ever