[INVESTIGATING] No more double forzathon points after update....

My wife had this issue since last update twice she has had to buy the house to activate the double points must be a bug that removes it from you

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Yep. Week before last my point rewards got cut in half. I thought it was on purpose lol.

Rebuying the Free VIP House fixed it for me.

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I’ll try that. Thanks.

Your game isnt saving properly if you are losing houses.

We aren’t talking about losing the house, we are talking about just rebuying it to see if it fixes the halved points payout after Forzathon events.

So I’m tired of grinding for 30 credits per event, I’ve kind of just quit doing Forzathon :frowning: I paid for VIP for a reason.

So have you read any if this thread about rebuying the vip house (free) for when this happens

Yes, I’ve previously posted in this thread…you’ve read it so you should know that. Rebuying this house is not an option for me.

There are a lot of issues in the last 24 hours let them sort it out, this morning i ran 2 forzathon events and both times i got 60 points, just 10 minutes ago i now see it reset the forzathon house to move in to buy.

I’ve NEVER gotten double points…didn’t even know that was a thing and now I know why I can’t ever afford anything in there

I’haven’t receive forza point for forzathon live (several times) :frowning:

I should receive 60 points, it was written but nothing


Also when you “buy” that VIP house, for 0cr ofcourse, you get 5 super spins again. I just noticed today that i didn’t get doubles so i went back and “bought” it for free and got 5 supers with it.

I too have not been receiving double forzathon points after the last update. I already have the vip house purchased and it appears that I cannot buy it again. Does anyone have a known solution in this instance?

Same here.

So was there ever a fix for this? I’m still not getting double forzathon points and I still own the lake house.

Noticed I didn’t get double points for the weekly and dailies I did this week. First thing I did was make sure I still had the VIP house.

No fix yet, I have opened a ticket, about a week ago, they wanted a screenshot of my #Forzathon screen, I sent, it, still waiting for an answer.

So is there still no solution for those of us who already own the VIP house? That’s the only solution I’ve seen listed, yet some already own the house and are still not receiving double points. What is frustrating is that I paid for the VIP by purchasing the ultimate edition and am not receiving VIP benefits and the forzathon shop prices keep increasing. Hopefully someone can find a solution.

Experiencing exactly the same here