[INVESTIGATING] Bug draw Horn Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island

I was drawn in whellspin winning the new horn wah wah wah wahhhh, to my surprise continues with the padlock, not released for use.

I was again drawn in the same horn, still not unlocking that horn.

I can confirm this bug.

We are currently aware of this issue and looking into this.

Don’t forget to submit a support ticket here

Don’t forget to actually check the support inbox once in a while…

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Yeah it happened to me too, got it a few days ago, but when I tried to equip it - oops, still locked.

Gotta love how they completely ignore the severely broken game but will happily look into why you didn’t get a frigging horn…

Same here, Won it on wheelspin twice now and still locked.

Same here! Won twice in Super Wheelspin and still locked. :frowning: Just means we miss out on other prizes!

Here’s my shot at this, it was literally the only horn I wanted and I’ve rolled it 3 times now with it being locked🔒



Can we just get it gifted if proof is provided fr


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It happened also to me.

We are still aware that there is an issue relating to unlocking this horn and are looking into this further.

Please remember to submit a ticket.

![5th time “winning” ](https://i.imgur.com/c50a2S0r.jpg "5th time “winning” ")

And again. 5th time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I have submitted the bug report. please just gift me this horn so i can regain sanity.

I also won it yesterday and went to unlock it and it’s still locked. damn i really wanted it to. hope they fix it soon.

6th time now, fr it’s like the game really wants to give it to me… Hook a brotha up via gift please so a brotha can move on. Once again, I have opened a support ticket :white_check_mark:


I got it from a wheel spin and didn’t get it either

it looks like it finally unlocks after 1/15 patch

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Problem solved after penultimate update