Inverted Physics??


I noticed that the physics in FM7 are inverted or something like that…
If I drive a RWD car, with full throttle in turns the car is stabilizing, and if I go full off the throttle, it is oversteering massively.
Should it not to be the other way around ?

And also the tyres, if I do donuts or simply fast circles, ingame the inner tyre gets hot, but in reality the one on the outside is the loaded tire.

Of course I know that FM7 is not a hardcore simulation but this basic things are physic basics

Have you noticed somethin similar?


lift off oversteer is real, if you have a car loaded in a corner with throttle applied then you lift off, engine braking is going to cause some deceleration making weight transfer forwards removing weight (and grip) from the rear tyres, this combined wit the engine braking force being only applied to the rear wheels (for RWD car obviously) its is going to cause oversteer in a lot of scenarios.

Blue028 pretty much covered your first point. Especially in older, lower-powered cars, they don’t have enough power to cause any severe loss of grip under acceleration, so hitting the throttle in a turn more than likely causes the car to push forward, rather than spin out.

Which wheel are you seeing high temps on? Because if you’re doing donuts, I would expect the front inside tire would be doing the most work, as it would basically be holding the most grip and moving in the smallest radius.

Which car are you using and is it stock or do you have an upgraded differential? An open differential will only spin the inside tire while doing donuts causing it to heat up more than the outside tire. Google “one tire fire” or “one wheel peel”.

If it will load this video shows it perfectly

I’ve found on cars that tend to have lots of lift off steer for me, if you equip a race differential it helps. Also it seems applying the tiniest amount of throttle helps as well. I could be wrong. I only get about 30 minutes of playing time a day.

I am 99.9% sure among many other things that might be wrong with the tune, your differential is off. Try 100% Acceleration, and 75-80% Deceleration. Let me know if that helps. If not, then like I said before, many another things, compounded or not, will cause off throttle oversteer.