Instant access to all game features - why is this such a bad thing?

Ok … let me explain this a bit. My son loves driving-style games but due to various disabilities he’s unlikely to be able to “progress” through a game to unlock things. Actually, that’s an understatement - he’s not going to progress. So, when I saw F4 advertised as an open-world style game I thought it’d be ideal for him so bought the ultimate version of the game for the extra cars and things like that. Can he use it? Nope. He can drive a little but then spins off/crashes etc and restarts so he can’t get to the additional cars and other features.

Is it really that difficult for game designers to incorporate a sandboxed “play everything everywhere” game mode where you can just drive around anywhere in whatever car you want with a bunch of AI drivers on the road as well? Obviously I’d not expect to get any sort of bonus that carried onto the online world/leaderboards etc, but at the moment for people who can’t properly drive and race for whatever reason the game is pretty much useless which is a real shame.

It’s not just F4 of course, so many games have experience gates. A lot of the time you can download a saved game and unlock stuff that way, but with so many games now being cloud-saved based that’s getting harder.

Anyways - just an idea for developers to consider! Have a great day and thanks for listening :slight_smile:



Perhaps you or someone else could play through the tutorials to a point where he can have access to just about everything. There is an excessive number of cars available without ever winning one locked behind a championship.


The game has a pretty lenghty prologue before you unlock many of the features.

But there are a couple of things in the game that might help your son with the game. First, there’s the rewind feature (Y on the controller), which means you don’t have to restart the race completely if you mess up, you can go back a few seconds instead. Second, so long as you complete an event, the game will reward you reasonably well even if you got in last place, and unlock more cars and in-game credits through wheelspins.

If that alone does not help, maybe you could play through the prologue for him. Once you get past that, the game opens up a bit.

I don’t remember if you have to go through the prologue before you can access the cars included with the Car Pass in the Ultimate Edition, but they are free to add to the garage without spending in-game credits.

This the truth. Before you can really do much, you have to complete all 4 seasons. The OP has a perfectly valid point.

Personally, I think they do it to give people a first impression that the game has direction when it really doesn’t. Any sense of story dies pretty quickly, and then it’s just stuff to do. I happen to like stuff to do so I don’t think the prologue is important enough to me to justify causing other people problems.

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I actually feel like Horizon 1 had the best sense of progression. But I’m not sure how many people here have played the first Horizon.

In that one, you had to earn different colored wristbands. Different wristbands allowed access to different levels of challenges/events. As you ranked up (driver level), you got better and better wristbands, and could access harder and more rewarding challenges/events. And you had some dialog with event staff as you gained new wristbands, and you felt like you were becoming more and more important at the festival. So in the beginning, you could only access low rank, low reward events in select areas of the main map. And as you progressed, you opened challenges in new areas, and could participate in harder challenges with greater rewards. Making it hard to go straight to high end vehicles until you were racing later challenges and earning more money.

And then to cap it off, you didn’t get to the big huge ‘race around the whole map’ challenge until the very end, and it was built up in the story, where you were racing against the former Horizon champ for all the glory. And the reward for completing it the first time was HUGE, so it felt like a big deal.

In the new games they hand out full map race challenges like they are candy, and they don’t feel all that special.

Why is it that the core idea of Horizon was so sound in the first game, and it only feels like things have turned for the worse in later games? The one major improvement since the first game was allowing players to drive across the countryside. I wouldn’t want to go back to the limitations of part 1, where you could really only drive on roads and shoulders.

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I don’t call that a valid point. You make it sound hard when a season is a week, and the events take about 2 hours to finish. 8 Hours? Hardly valid. Besides, I would never buy a game that is complete as soon as you get it, that’s a useless game.


Is his son going to finish a week in 2 hours? No. And even after one finishes the prologue, everything on the map doesn’t just unlock. I don’t have a problem unlocking crap, you might not have a problem, but obviously some others do. Hence this thread. And is it really locked for a good reason? Rhetorical question. I’m not looking for some convoluted answer pulled out a posterior as an excuse to argue about the obvious.

Nobody said his son would, everyone said that the Father could, don’t you read the posts?

This one is the kindest of the lot, your kid doesn’t need to win a single race to progress in Horizon 4, he could drive about for 10 minutes and get a wheelspin that ends up getting him a car that people pay 20 million or even real life money for.

Ok… Let me explain to you.

If you can’t properly drive and race, then you shouldn’t have bought a racing game. Perhaps GTAV would be a better game for your son.


You should quit while you’re ahead SuperHornetA51. You’ve been quite disrespectful recently on these forums and have been not so helpful with some people. Plus you mod the game and are pleased that you do. I’m surprised that the Mods of this site haven’t banned you yet. SkylineDJ’s son has every right to play this game… no matter the physical/mental limitations a person has. What is wrong with these forums? Why are people so rude to other people on here? And over a VIDEO GAME. I hope the Mods see this “SuperHornet” person and take action. Cause everyone has the right to play this game and nobody should be put down for their own limitations. We’re all human, and we all make mistakes.


Lol I’m not being banned because I’m not harassing anyone. It was a legit answer. The intro sequence to the game is a tutorial, sure it could be a little shorter. The problem isn’t them not being able to play, it’s being asked to have everything given to them instantly. Games don’t work like that for very obvious reasons.


Sorry, I thought you were being rude to his son or something. It’s just the way you word your sentences all the time, you make them sound kind of smirky. I thought you were telling them “if you’re not good enough, then you shouldn’t have bought it”. That’s what it kind of sounded like. But in all honesty, I kind of wish they would add in a version of the game for those that have a hard time progressing through it. Sort of like a sandbox mode, but they would have to keep the sandbox mode from accessing anything online related. I.e. the auction house/ multiplayer online racing. That way they can have all the fun without having to worry about wasting time to unlock everything. :slight_smile: But like what mostly everyone has said so far SkylineDJ, it might be best if you progress the game enough for your son so that you guys can start collecting cars and go anywhere you want to go and to also turn on all assists for him. It’s important that everyone can have fun, no matter what limits them. :slight_smile: I do hope your son is having fun playing the game at least though.

wow what a rude reply to a honest question, no reason for that,

Mike, if you can play for a little bit past the prologue I think you’ll find you get a handful of cars and credits without too much difficulty, it does take a little time but the game does give you a lot of credit and wheel spins where you might get cars, by just playing and driving, hope your kid can enjoy the game!


Dude, that was completely uncalled for.

Also, GTA is not better for this. You’ve got to progress past at least Franklin’s first mission before being able to use open world with any kind of liberty.

Your best bet is to do what Red Rider suggests; Grind past the prologue yourself, and then had it over to him. Or, Forza Horizon 3 might be a bit better for this sort of thing. It’s been a couple years, but I seem to recall that the prologue was quite a bit shorter.


Hmmm … ok, so Horizon gameplay is described has “Experience Stunning Seasons and Open-World Adventure”.

GTAV is “steal cars, do missions involving shootouts and avoiding the law, plan heists etc” to get cash to buy things.

Based on the descriptions which stands out more as a suitable game for a disabled kid who has limited motor control and is best steering cars around using up/down/left/right buttons?

For the record, I have nothing against GTAV as a game, just in this instance I’m not sure it’d be the right choice! Currently he plays ATS and ETS (truck sims) which are open-world driving games and I was kinda hoping F4 might be a nice alternative with different vehicles.


GTAV would be a terrible game. Most of the stuff is locked behind missions in single player and half the cars aren’t even in it. As for online where most of the content is now you have to grind thousands of hours just to have the money to afford it.

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This is the least progressive and most accessible game I’ve ever played. The entire map is open from the start, and events and cars are given in droves for merely participating. The more he plays the more content he’ll get regardless if he does well or not. Even the seasonal prizes seem to eventually show up in wheelspins.


I doubt your son needs cars which are locked behind winning conditions (mostly season events). The rest of Forza Horizon 4 is available since start, and that’s why some people complain about lack of progress. You got Ford Focus on start, a minute later you can jump in Senna and drive 400km/h. Of course you need luck or credits to get new cars, but they are awarded even if you finish last. Whole penalty for not being first is 1% less credits and exp per place, so if you come last you will get 89% of 1st place prize. And that’s all.
If your son struggle to drive, turn on every possible assist, then cars are almost driving itself. If he still has a problem to get to finish line, then sorry, but it’s not a game for him. Or you can use it as training for your son.

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Play the game yourself, unlock everything, put a Vinyl on a car from a program that your son likes, make a Blueprint of a track, and name it as your local area, make it A Class, make it simple. Set it up so that awards are about to be gained on the very slightest controller movement so that your son gets awards, and is happy. Put your son’s name on the Number plate of the car.

Ok so… now you don’t need a sandbox mode.

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