Installing....F6 with TX wheel cluthch and thoughts

I hope this goes OK…

To put it in a nutshell, it exceeded my expectations.


Actually the FFB and the 900 wheel support is a complete failure. Someone from T10 needs to play some PC sims rFactor, Assetto Corsa as they are light years behind them in this department. Also without FOV in car position change it is completely unplayable from the cockpit view. I am completely disappointed and will not be ordering the game.

I’m highly considering getting a TX and picking up a used Playseat from Craigslist. The overall cost has been chasing me off though. Have you played controller vs wheel. Is it that much better? I’ve had wheels in the past, namely Logi’s for GT Series and it really makes the game better for me, but this isn’t always the case. Some games were just not fun with the wheel, how does this relate?

I wouldn’t give advise on how a demo of a game feels with a wheel. And I definitely wouldn’t take advice on it due to the price of entry.

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i hope the forcefeedback is different than in the demo. Not satisfied on my tx

Completely agree. I do not notice improvement from 5. No feedback when about to lose grip and feedback is poor trying to regain grip. Brakes pedals also are poor. I am guessing, but if say I’m at 50-60% brakes before they lock. Not good.

For reliability questions, TX is reliable as long as you have firmware updates to V48 or later.

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Did you experience any quality issues with the TX series?

My TX died just after 2 weeks use, (20 hours), I got the Logitech G29 for my PS4 while waiting for the TX replacement (1 month now). I do like the Logitech, You might consider the G920 when it arrives for the XB1,

I have been racing the demo with my Tx setup, no issues here. It actually feels really good, i only tested it at 900 DOR. I used the paddle shifters, sequential and the H-pattern TH8A.

Using my wheel with tH8A in h pattern and g27 pedals. All seems good so far, just one little glitch with the wheel spin where I needed to reset it. Nothing during driving.