Installed Forza 6 Apex (Win10) and...

…to be quite frank: It’s the better game overall compared to my Forza 7 version.
Yes, there is no dynamic weather and no slight time of day transitions (+ - 3 hours or so we have on Forza 7)
But these things does Forza 6 Apex better: The sounds are better, the lighting system is better, the game looks brighter when it is sunny and more convincing when it’s dark/night.
Light sources pop more, you have more distinct shadows, the opponents have better reflections, the cars move around better, i actually think the handling might be better too. The menu music and the introduction to the race (car driving through the pitlane) gives the game a much more classy feeling too. I love that.
Yes, the textures are not as sharp when i run the game in native 4k, that’s true, but the overall look of the game is more convincing, more vibrant. I wish i could have the full game on PC, then i really would not bother arguing for these points to get better in Forza 7. I honestly don’t know why they went down the route with the design language of Forza 7.
I urge those who play Forza 7 on Win10 to install Apex too and take a look and comment on my comment. I’m very much interested if i’m the only one thinking this.

Probably because they didn’t want to bring out Forza 6 again. I don’t think anyone would have fallen for that

The game runs in native 4K&60 fps, which means graphics suffered a lot. Even 1080Ti can’t run all games in 4K and 60 fps. And game is extremely dark because it was made for HDR displays, which nobody has anyway

I don’t find that to be true as i have a 2017 HDR OLED TV and would consider myself as someone who really tweaks everything possible on TVs to get the best possible picture. Actually the game’s (FM7) lighting is more balanced when i run it in SDR mode.
The HDR is really hit and miss with this one. At times it can look really great but as i find more often than not it’s very unbalanced and does not look natural at all, something feels off but i can’t put my finger on it unfortunatelly. I think the highlights are not bright enough and the darker parts are often too dark, it feels like the image is not put together coherently.

I was just thinking the same thing regarding Apex vs FM7. It’s old news now, but it’s still sad to see how great Apex is, and how easy it would have been to take Apex and add more cars and tracks instead of changing a bunch of things that didn’t need changing for FM7 and breaking a bunch of stuff in the process.

At least the devs are focused on fixing FM7 now and this July patch is one big step in the right direction.

Some players describe APEX as a cut down version of Forza Motorsport 6. I have both and there are similarities.

For me neither game has the range of challenges as Forza Motorsport 7.

FM7 has the Driver’s Cup, Rivals, Leagues, Forzathons, FreePlay, Multiplayer, Car and Driver Gear Collection, Buying & Selling cars, Tuning and Upgrades, Painting and Liveries, Achievements & Rewards, Off Game challenges etc.

The only things missing are some DLCs such as different tracks etc.

Having recently driven round SPA in the game at night with a car with no headlights and no driving line, it was a bit difficult but normally I don’t have a problem. I can always turn up the brightness on my TV or draw the curtains and blinds to make my room darker. Originally perhaps graphics were a bit flat but with an XBox One X and 4K TV I’m happy.

Forza 7 has a lot of rough edges like no FOV adjustment, 180 degree wheel rotation in cockpit view, UI can be pain in the butt and so on, probably downsides of sheer size of the game. But it is still the best racing game

I just finished rainy race and it is amazing how car behaviour changes in the rain and how belivable aquaplaning