Installation Stopped - VIP

So my car pack and VIP Add one keep giving me installation stopped.

I get VIP bonus in races (rewards show me as having DLC) I can race all team Forza cars. - but no VIP badge/ and now my rewards hasn’t updated for going on two full weeks (but I get the rewards. When I redeem them)

I’m apparently a moron as the error code it tells me to enter isn’t found


I’ve checked my sons account to make sure he didn’t have VIP He doesn’t (says same thing on his account) wonder if I should delete VIP on his account?

I didn’t want to delete and try installing again with out asking as right now. All I’m missing is a badge (s) if you count tier badge which says reach tier level 2 or what ever for badge. I’m tier 9

Can someone point me the right direction?

**** REWARDS Details (Days played/ Gamerscore etc all updated today 9/30

Try hard resetting your console
Snowowl has given clear instructions on how to do it in another thread

First thing to try with any xbone error

The error doesn’t register - checked the xbox forums and there is no certain answer - A guy said he deleted some other apps / and games and the installation stopped went away.

I already did hard reset and was familiar with how to do it. Prior to posting.

I wonder if its because the VIP can only be to a user and my XBOX has 3 users.
So I’m wondering if I go on to my son’s user and delete the que of VIP there whether it will install completely and fix the issue?

BUT the odd thing is I get the VIP reward bonus during races - have access to all the cars - Rewards showed me as having 5 dlc - no issues - there only missing the badge and I’m not certain of the Rewards FM6 detail not updating on rewards page is related or not - (timing wise the stopped installation error and the the rewards page not updating to current driver level/ showcase/ mods/ days played are all around the same timing. because it did up date there for a while 8 days of play.) *** Rewards details updated today

I guess that is where I will start checking the other user profiles and deleting the VIP from them (my son’s said “stopped installation” as well even though he probably shouldnt have it at all. (Not sure if my daughter has or not)

I bought it though xbox live so its clear as to the user that should have the installation.

VIP is only for the profile that bought it / redeemed it …its not shared. …so maybe that is the problem if others on the console have it installed( or even partially)

I added the procedure for hard reset as many xbone users think hard resetting is turning the console off and on
Seems to be a lot of errors caused by having the console set to always on instead of power saving too

Agreed - First rule of troubleshooting don’t assume - I was just informing I had done it. (no snarky tone- thank you - read it anyway) I’m usually in power saver mode but switch to instant when I think an update is coming so it downloads updates during the day when I’m not home - but even then I will power off and hard reset once a week as it seems to be the apple a day keep the doctor away for the xbone.

Also agree that there shouldn’t be any VIP on any other user - I bought it so It should be on mine - I’ll go and try to delete from que on the other user - not sure why it did that other then may be during the preorder / download process to the console it wasn’t signed in the whole time? ( but I (my user) bought from Live so - shouldn’t it know? And I started the download on my user account.

I’m not upset as all I’m missing is a badge that I wouldn’t use - I get double race credits - access to the cars - its just weird.

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