Installation of DLC keeps stopping

i am trying to download the Special Ed. 2013 Audi RS4 Avant, but it starts installing then just stops, I try to restart it and it stops again. Anyone know why and if there is a fix?

have you tried hard resetting your console

Hard reset of the console: (1) shut down from the Dashboard and out of all games by holding the X button on the front of the console, (2) disconnect the power cord from the wall (or wall-side connector) on the external power pack, (3) wait for all power to drain (no white light, no orange light) on the external pack, and (4) reconnect the power, then start the Xbox One as you normally do.

Now sign in to Xbox Live, and check to see if the download has completed.

Thanks guys that did the trick.

Good, glad it worked.

Remember, also, please the way to leave a properly close out a game when you’re done playing is to:

(1) Go back to the main screen in the game (usually with the triple-level horizontal bars, formerly the Start button, next to the Blue X.
(2) Use the Big X (glowing white on the controller) to send that screen in #1 to the main display in the Dashboard.
(3) Use the triple-level button again, and select Quit from the pop-up menu.

This securely closes out the game so it does not remain active if you wish to play a different game or shut down the console.

I have been experiencing the same issue. The exact same issue, actually. I have always exited Forza games meticulously ever since people were losing their saves way back in Forza Motorsport 3; so I know that this can not be the cause of the issue.

Whatever the cause may be, power cycling the system has made absolutely no difference in getting the RS4 Avant to install. Because nothing I could do was having any effect, I simply left it alone hoping that it would eventually manage to install itself. It did not. In fact, it is now missing entirely and is not listed under my previously purchased content.

In summary, my Pre-Order RS4 Avant uninstalled itself and then deleted itself and now I can’t re-download it anywhere. This, basically, sucks.