Inspect Feature

The community focus of the game really calls for an Inspect feature. Comments across the web by hundreds of players expressing a desire to build the community but trailing off due to the frustration of their content (liveries, tunes, photos, cards, etc.) going completely unnoticed.

An inspect feature would help. In Freeroam; players should be able to inspect other cars. The inspect screen would have a link to the drivers creative hub, creator info for the livery and tune along with links to their creative hubs. There should also be an option to download the livery and/or tune directly from the inspect screen.

In Events and Races; players should have an inspect option from either the starting grid list or the results list.

This way players can directly download a livery they saw or try a new tune one of their teammates or competitors used. If neither are “shared” the option is greyed out. This adds a bit of player agency within the community rather than having to rely solely on the game presenting these options based on popularity or time posted.

As far as cards and player made blueprints, there should be an incentive for players to curate these. Something like an active credits or FP bonus. This could be tiered and would need to be maintained weekly. Play and rate 5 player made events and get “x” bonus for the week, 25 “x” bonus and 50 “x” bonus.


I agree 1000%. I typically message anyone that beats me in a race and ask them what tune they are using. It would much simpler if I could just inspect them and get this info myself as you suggest. Even better if I could save their tune and apply it in 2 clicks. Actually this is Forza so maybe apply it in 200 clicks.

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Just came back to say this thread is underated. Fricken great idea.