Info FM7 fo PC

Goodmorning everyone
I sell from FM6 XBOX ONE and now I want to go to FM7 on PC
I wanted to ask some things to someone who is already playing …

  • Do you diversify physics and sound from one machine to another?
  • Will the mechanics add to the pitstop?
  • will PCs come out of mods?
  • with the Logitech G27 steering wheel is okay?
    thank you

I’m not sure I understand these questions exactly but I will try and answer

The physics are the same, sound quality is adjustable on PC
There are no mechanics in pit stops
No official mod support, not sure if that is what you meant
Logitech G27 works with Forza 7 on PC

There will not be mods for it on PC.

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thanks for the answers
I meant if they would put the mechanics in the pitstop in the future

Physics is different from one machine to another?